Top Apps you need now to help your summer shine with SHOLDIT! PLUS 50% SIZZLE SALE!

Top Apps you need now to help your summer shine with SHOLDIT! PLUS 50% SIZZLE SALE!

As hot as the rays shining on your shoulder's this summer with SHOLDIT wrapped around you to cool you off, these 5 apps will help your summer stay bright and bring you smiles of ease.

  There are indeed a universe of apps to use and these are not the end all, but we love the value they add to your life whether trekking across a country on a road trip or to the grocery store!

Become your own travel agent and on the go expert with us in hand...and in Scarf :)!

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WAZE - Free Community Based Travel & Navigation App


Waze is the world's largest community-based traffic and navigation app. Join other drivers in your area who share real-time traffic and road info, saving everyone time and gas money on their daily commute.

See your commute in real time, with real alerts and real savings with Waze always on the lookout with one of the fastest growing communities!

 Waze Navigates you where you want to go, but don't forget to track mileage, especially if you are track your miles for business or tax's! MileIQ keeps your trips automatically logged, read more below for our #2 travel app essential!

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MileIQ - One swipe mileage tracking 

We started using MileIQ this year and are amazed and how easy mileage can add up for different reasons, but equally amazed at the ease of this app! With one swipe left or right, MileIQ does the rest of the work for us including monthly reports. The first 40 drives each month are free and after that it is a nominal fee. When it's like having a 24/7 accountant in your pocket, it is definitely worth it.

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Skiplagged- Ready to hit the Sky's? Find the Cheapest Flight's on the Internet

There deals are so good, the airline companies got jealous! With up to 80% what you will find online, Skiplagged can help increase your sky miles and quench the thirst for adventure.

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YELP - The Yellow Pages of restaurant and bars

You are on the go, but now time to find food to keep you fueled. Yelp has real reviews from travelers and people on the go with hours of operation, a phone number for listings, and sometimes even a menu, so you can be as prepared when making that dining decision. Yelp! is now a global app, so whether in the US or beyond, keep up with the best local eats and treats.



Google Trips - A personal trip assistant in your pocket---eh hem...scarf :)




Fairly new to the market, the one app to bring all your planning together in one fell swoop is Google Trips. All of your travel info in one place. The best thing about Google Trips? It's available offline! Find the best and make your trip the brightest with this final trip organizing app.

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