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Making Mother's Day Magic with SHOLDIT

Making Mother's Day Magic with SHOLDIT

Moms always work their Magic to take care of everyone else first. Now, we want to return the favor. Check out our 5 Simple Gift Ideas to...

Spring break is known for it's wild reputation: reckless drinking, late nights on the beach, and wet t-shirt contests. Whether you're opting for the full college experience or are just looking to head south for a week or so, we've rounded up a nice lil' travel safety guide for all you spring breakers out there!

When your infinity scarf has a sweet secret pocket, there's a whole world of opportunity to stash all kinds of things away from prying eyes! You're basically only limited by the size of the pocket; but believe me, we've seen almost everything, from tiny little pets to fairly big bottles o' booze. Here, we've compiled a list of ten of our favorite little secrets to carry around in our best-selling convertible infinity scarf with pocket! 
Traveling enables all of us (seniors included!) to experience the beauty of new places and the vibrancy of new cultures. In fact, experts routinely cite travel as being especially important for seniors’ physical and mental health; many say that the ability to travel is absolutely vital to health and wellbeing. And with kids out of the nest and a little extra money in your pocket, being a little older often provides you with the luxury of the time and resources needed to explore the world.

In this blog post, we offer 25 tips for wanderlusters who are enjoying their golden years: