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Getting Around the NFL Purse Ban

Luckily there's a clever solution and it's called the SHOLDIT convertible infinity scarf with hidden pockets... perfectly sized to carry a woman's essentials at a game--such as an ID, credit cards, cash, cell phone, chap stick, keys, tickets, feminine products, etc. Not only will this solve the handbag-ban dilemma this football season, it will also keep you warm on chilly game days!

- Marvelous Girl

I loved using my SHOLDIT convertible infinity scarf with a hidden pocket at the most recent Charger game! The gold is a perfect color. Love too that once it gets warm, I can fold it up into a clutch and still carry the essentials

- Sisanie KISS-FM 


The National Media on SHOLDIT®

I put SHOLDIT to the test last week when I went to a 3-day conference in San Diego. It came in VERY handy during those walks through the Gaslamp Quarter and the Bayfront, and the ladies I was with envied me for having it!

- Arkansas Regional Editor

If you tend to "forget" things such as your cellphone, iPod or passport this infinity scarf with a hidden pocket can store all those items for you while keeping your neck warm and still looking fabulous! I finally got my first infinity scarf and it was perfect to use when going through TSA just open the zipper, store your ID and your boarding pass, and voila you no longer have to dig through your backpack or over-sized purse for those two items!

- Traveling Latina

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of lugging around your heavy bag from place to place and sifting through its contents to locate that pencil or pair of keys. Perfect for students or moms-on-the-go, the SHOLDIT convertible infinity scarf with pocket is a lightweight fashionable way to carry your most important go-to items (while keeping you warm if the a/c is blasting). SHOLDIT scarf will also add a bust of color to any outfit.

- Top Ten Trends for 2013, Milieu Magazine

If your best girl is a tween, the SHOLDIT scarf with pocket is part infinity scarf, part clever purse that can hold her cash, cell phone and lipgloss. It's a nice way to acknowledge her independence while ensuring she's always got her essentials at hand.

- Parade Magazine

I've always made a travel belt the number one piece of gear any woman needs when she travels - until I acquired the SHOLDIT scarf with pocket. It's now bumped the travel belt for the top spot and I wouldn't dream of leaving home without it. In fact I'm going to try to get my hands on several different models - summer, prints, different fabrics... So listen up, ladies: if you plan to be walking around during your travels, this light, stylish item will erase any safety worries you might have concerning your money and papers. Just throw one of these on and walk off - no one will be the wiser.

- Leyla Giray, Publisher, Women on the Road

Women can carry their valuables without tipping off would-be pick pockets.

- USA Today

That's smart! That is REALLY smart!

- Hoda, TODAY Show

What a great idea! It doesn't look like there's stuff in the SHOLDIT scarf!

- Kathie Lee, TODAY Show

This is insanely cool!!

- Jenn Falik, Lifestyle Expert

I love the SHOLDIT infinity scarf with pocket because it keeps your hands free making it easy to do anything with ease. I own a few oversized totes, but SHOLDIT pulls through when my back and neck need a break!

- Sisanie, LA's 102.7 KIIS FM

A convenient alternative to toting around a handbag. Ridiculously fashion-forward and multi-functional!


An outside of the box gift! Your friend will love you for this [gift]

- Better Connecticut TV Show

I haven't been a fan of the hands-free bag offerings up until now.

- NBC's Style Goes Strong

It looks like a regular scarf, but it's actually replacing my purse today! This is a great idea.


Scarves are my go-to accessory for making my mom uniform (a t-shirt) look cute quickly, while giving me a little style, and the fact that I can store my phone and keys without stuffing my pockets like a plumber, makes me so uber happy

- Star Telegram

Scarves with pockets. Genius. Now you can tote your phone, your iPod, or maybe even a small dog


Perfectly sized to safely and discreetly carry a woman's top essentials such as credit cards, keys, cash, and a cell phone

- CW Network's KTLA

I've been traveling or out tailgating and wish I had somewhere to put my wallet and phone without carrying a purse! This is exactly what I have been needing. It can be worn in so many ways that it is sure to go with anything I wear

- Her View From Home

I love fun essential pieces that should be in every woman's closet.... Right before I left earlier this year to style a clothing line's participation within Charleston Fashion Week (as Co-Founder/Creative Director of Shoe Week, we styled Expatriate's runway show), I received the SHOLDIT infinity scarf with pocket which is a game changer when it comes to scarves!

- Kitten Lounge

Yes, Even The Men Love SHOLDIT. This uniquely designed clutch has the ability to transform into a multi-functional wrap that features multiple hidden pockets perfect for storing a woman's essentials. Get this for your lady and you'll soon realize its value when you never hear, "babe, hold my purse" again

- Thrillist

No matter how much a guy likes a girl, he doesn't want to carry her purse. He also doesn't want to carry all her junk if she decides not to bring a purse. The stylish SHOLDIT scarf has a hidden zippered compartment that can hold her lipstick, license, phone and other things she may need.

- Huffington Post

SHOLDIT infinity scarf with pocket is the first-ever [infinity] scarf with hidden pockets to hold a woman's essentials--such as her credit cards, cash, cell phone, and lip gloss for those times she doesn't feel like carrying a purse. No purse [to carry] for her = no Mursing [aka man carrying her purse] for you. Problem solved.

- Fast Lane Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

The world's one and only patent-pending convertible infinity scarf with pocket..super cool!

- The Ryan Seacrest Morning Show

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