The Journey

Meet The Founder 

Always on the go and open to adventure, Angela needed a place to stash her stuff. After unsuccessfully searching for a stylish, hands-free alternative to a purse, this resourceful country girl from rural Nebraska took matters into her own hands. With a $20 sewing machine and no industry connections, Angela made a leap of faith in 2010 to sew her first prototype and secure a patent.

SHOLDIT® has been proudly featured by top media including Good Morning America, Forbes, The TODAY Show and sold by top retailers. With life on the go, our vision is to be the number one go-to brand for solution based accessories.



"Go On" You Say?! 

SHOLDIT® is an evolutionary design firm driven by the elements of function, fashion and freedom. We offer solution-based accessories with hidden pockets to enhance everyday life. We have a variety of patented and patent pending products including but not limited to the one and only Convertible Infinity Scarf with Pocket™, Convertible Nursing Scarf with Pocket™, and Convertible Neck Gaiter with Pocket™, Convertible Sarong with Pocket™ and new Convertible Face Mask™.  Each design converts and most stash essentials such as phone, passport, keys, wallet, ear buds, hand sanitizer, pacifier, and more. Ideal for men and women while traveling, at job sites, sporting events, concerts, the casino, breast feeding moms, medical use and beyond. Sign up for our newsletter as we frequently offer new designs, new product and best of all, special inside offers.  

In creating the idea for the SHOLDIT® brand and its products, many things came to heart. Being a fast paced woman, always on the go, I grew tired of carrying a traditional handbag. I soon realized I wasn’t the only one. I kept hearing about the same frustrations from others of lugging a heavy purse, the strap cutting into the shoulder causing neck and back strain, having to dig around forever trying to find something, the constant worry of leaving it behind or fear of it hanging on a chair back for someone to swipe or dig in while not paying attention. Also, every woman will cringe at the thought of setting it on the floor only to get dirty, wet, or sticky and whatever else stuck to it. The idea for a new style of purse struck me after two particularly frustrating events: almost losing my passport at the airport security check and then actually losing my cell phone at a sporting event because I didn’t want to carry a purse all day. I thought, “There has got to be a better, more fashionable way!” Then I thought, “I love the look and feel of a scarf, the security of crossbody bags, and the simplicity of a clutch. Why not incorporate everything to create an entirely new and different way to carry the necessities!” It may be worn in a variety of ways and has the added value of converting into a fashionable clutch when desired. The one and only patented SHOLDIT® Convertible Infinity Scarf with Pocket™ prevents so many problems and frustrations by allowing one to carrying the necessities, giving hands free movement, keeping valuables secure, and it’s a fashion piece!  

Being evolutionary drives us to create new and exciting products that make your life more enjoyable. The adventure on the other hand, is up to you.     

OUR VALUE:  We Innovate Solution Based Accessories to Enhance Everyday Life

OUR MANTRA:  Function, Fashion, Freedom

OUR MISSION: We are an Evolutionary Design Firm Driven by the Elements of Function, Fashion and Freedom

OUR VISION: Be the #1 Go-To Brand for Solution Based Accessories


Our CORE VALUES Are Simple:

Be Straightforward

Give a Hoot

Be Fun Luvin' Awesome