"Everyone loves them, it is a genius product. I thought the product was so amazing that I contacted Good Morning America Deals and Steals! I must admit, I felt a bit of pride when I saw SHOLDIT on Deals and Steals the first time! I’ve ordered twice when you’ve been on and everyone who has received them as gifts has loved them. I always keep a few extra on hand. I honestly haven’t kept any for myself until today. The ones I received today are for me. I wore my new SHOLDIT to the Astros game and it did exactly what it needed to do - and I looked amazing, naturally! I’m so glad that everything is working out for you. And, just so you know, I’ve not suggested another product for the show, there was something about SHOLDIT that really seemed like a good fit. I’m glad I was right! I didn’t realize that you are in Omaha. Several amazing women friends live there also; I think it’s only fitting that you should be there as well. "
- Cindy

Liked mine so much that I bought 4 more for gifts!
- Bed, Bath & Beyond Order 

Women from all over the world ask where I got mine! I feel like I am performing a magic trick when I unzip the pocket and pull out my wallet!
- Erin B. 

"What a great idea! When it is cold and you don't want to carry a purse but you need a way to carry the necessities.
- Bed, Bath & Beyond Order 

I wore my beautiful scarf to an event. I showed it to a friend and she kept bringing others over to see it. They loved it, so I know you will be getting more orders from Pa.!
- Lucille 

"So far I have bought 5 of them for gifts because this is such a good idea. When I walk my dog I can carry my cell, treats for pup, my keys a credit card and license. I don't have to worry about lugging my purse. Great idea. Thank you!!
- Bed, Bath & Beyond Order 

I've used it many times when riding my scooter to work and my bike around the neighborhood. It certainly looks nicer on this 65-year-old grandmother than a back/fanny pack. Thanks so much!
-Cindy C.

Hi Everyone!! Received this on Monday and it is absolutely great!!! I will be ordering for my girls and maybe an extra for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
-Robin B.

I got my package Monday, the 21st. The SHOLDIT convertible scarf is perfect and the wallet. It will be wonderful to use. I appreciate you and your great customer service. I wish you and the SHOLDIT company great success! Thank you so very much.
-Norma G.

Soooo excited. Got our SHOLDIT wraps today! Perfect!!!!! Will give my daughter hers in her Easter Basket. Yes, still doing a basket for her, even at her age (which I won't tell you). Anyway, thank you again so much for everything you did for me. I'm sure it's cuz my Dad was from Omaha ; )
-Roxie B.

I love it! It's fantastic. I recently took it on another trip (a Habitat for Humanity Women Build) and I'm pretty sure every woman on the trip went home and ordered one because they all commented or asked to examine it at one point or another. I also purchased one for my Mom and one for my sister this past Christmas. A truly awesome product which I am happy to use and recommend! Keep up the good work.

I saw SHOLDIT featured in the USA Weekend insert in the Houston Chronicle and thought it looked like the perfect travel accessory. Much better than the under-the-clothes-pouches that we've used on European trips. As long as Mom and I get them before our S. African trip, we're set! 
-Susan L.

I just placed an order for one of your products for my wife for mother's day as I thought the wrap purse would be perfect for her on our upcoming international trip which we leave for this Saturday. I placed the order and realized it may not come on time so I quickly called your customer service line and spoke with Corey. Corey was quick, professional, and most of all helpful! Corey said the order should arrive on Saturday, but given how close that was cutting it, Corey said he'd pull my order immediately and drop it in the mail today to make sure I got it by the end of the week.

Wow, what great service. Totally refreshing. Please pass along my thanks to Corey for making my day and making me an advocate for SHOLDIT!

-Kirk H.

Now This is Customer Service! Thanks so much, do appreciate it.
- Julie W.

I got my order last night and I love them! I brought mine to work with me this morning to show it to my friends. I can't wait to use it on my next trip.
- Joa​ni

Will tell friends about the great customer service as well as the delightful and useful product.
- Christine B.

I wore one today on my flight to Phoenix and one of the flight attendants asked where I purchased it! She was hoping to buy a few for 2 sisters that live in Chicago. Keeping them warm and no purse to worry about.... doesn't get any better! I love mine.
- Robin H.

I was blown away over the quality of construction and attention to detail of your product. The materials that you have used are so soft and comforting. I am so totally pleased with your product and can't wait to put them into use. Thank you again for your wonderful customer service that you extended me and the speedy way that you sent the scarves to me. You and your team are fabulous! Best of luck with everything.
- Pamela M.

What a GREAT IDEA! My balance is not the greatest and I find that having my hands free and being able to carry my important items in the SHOLDIT product is GREAT!
- Susanna M.

Thank you so much! I can't wait to show them off to my tour group.
- Kim N.

I LOVE my scarf!!! Everyone should have one!
- Delores K.

I got my SHOLDIT scarves today and I'm so happy!

They are wonderful. I was predisposed to like them because I already thought the idea was genius but I was so thrilled to find out that the execution was great too! The quality of the fabric and construction is top notch and the two colors I choose (titanium and peacock) are just beautiful!

All capped off by your wonderful customer service... Thank you!!
- Patricia S.

I am a mother of 5 1/2 year old twins and have connections with my local twins club and national twins club and when I posted how much I love my new SHOLDIT scarf….friends were asking more about them.
- Laura L.

Last weekend I traveled back home to Nebraska for the weekend, and of course my SHOLDIT scarf came with me. From the start of my trip in Orlando, to my layover in Atlanta to my arrival in Omaha and back again, everyone noticed my Sholdit and comment about how cool it was! Even the TSA agents and the flight attendants noticed and comment on it. It was SO GREAT to be hands free while I was traveling! Since it was just me and just for the weekend I only did carry on bags and it made things SO much easier! I even had my SHOLDIT wallet with me, so I made a point to show the name :)
- Janet C.

I just received my SHOLDIT order and am so pleased with the two scarves that I ordered. 1 for me and 1 as a gift for my daughter who lives in the city. I can't wait to give it to her. The fabric is soft and I love the design. Thank you for making a great and useful product!
- Kelly S.

Thank you all once again for your amazing product and customer service. I really can't say that enough! I don't think I have ever mailed a Christmas card to a business before so this must truly be love. Thanks again, I can't wait to make everyone in the airport in my travels jealous and dying to get one too. Wishing you all the best in business!
- Allison H.

I LOOOOOVVVVE you guys! I can't wait to tell all my friends who travel. Well actually I will tell them after I give them their SHOLDIT Christmas gift! I am traveling to Morocco this December and this is the answer to my prayers! My husband is Mr.Safety and he LOVES your product and is encouraging me to buy as much as I want! (GASP!) LOVE LOVE LOVE these! I am a small business too so best of luck to you. I am buying now instead of waiting until Cyber Monday because I am afraid you might run out!
- Allison

I am absolutely a fan and purchased three as gifts for friends I will be joining for a trip to Hawaii soon. I have used my SHOLDIT wrap multiple times since purchasing it a couple of weeks ago. I have worn it for a night out at a Jazz club, trips to the store, dance class and tonight, a "meet and greet" event!!! I have introduced friends and Family to this fabulous invention since seeing it in a catalog. It is chic, useful and eases worries about being robbed, tied down to a purse and changing purses to suit outfits and occasions. 

Thank you for your innovation and I look forward to other products from your company. A More Than Satisfied Customer.

- Fern J.

I just purchased two of your scarfs and love the black one. The pink one is a xmas gift. I used one when I went on a cruise and it was great. I just popped the whole scarf in the safe when I got into the room and took it out when we went shopping on shore
- Linda D

Got it. Even more awesome than I anticipated. Thanks!
- Amanda T.

You have no idea the extent of my love. Truly my new favorite things.
- Jamie C.

My husband purchased SHOLDIT for me and I LOVE it!!! I found out last week that I have herniated discs in my neck and due to the pain involved, it has become very difficult for me to carry a purse. This product is a life saver! Not only do I look great, I no longer have the pressure of a heavy purse pulling on my neck. I can't wait to show SHOLDIT to my physician and physical therapist!

I am sure that they will share this with all their patients! Thank you again for such a fashionable and much needed product!
- Cheryl D.

I bought two pink and gave one to my friend for her b-day Friday and she used it Friday and Saturday. We love them! Thank You!
- Mary C

I loved my SHOLDIT accessory (worn as a neck wrap) during my recent travel to Baltic countries and northern Europe. What great assurance to keep my passport and wallet close to me and cleverly hidden - while allowing me freedom to shop in large crowds, juggle other luggage and leave my airline seat to stretch my legs. The scarf was stylish from walks around towns to dressy evenings events!
- Kathy B.

I absolutely love it!!!!! I wore it today for LSU game day. I now have a bunch of friends who are interested in purchasing them. 
- Macy R.

Just purchased this and used it on a worked terrific!! Airports are always cold, so this scarf was handy and is... but being able to put some money for snacks, drinks in the zippered pocket was great--going through security, I had my phone, jewelry, glasses and passport in the pocket and sailed through in the bin... so very happy with this product. REALLY made my trip easier. Good place for my boarding pass also!
- Megan

I'm actually wearing it right now. It's perfect for business trips. As a woman, I travel alone a lot and prefer to have my most valuable things (wallet, phone) right on me. I can sleep on the plane, use the restroom, etc. without concern that someone may grab something from my carryon. It's perfect for me!
- Annie

Your customer service is extraordinary and I sincerely hope your business thrives through such consideration. The scarves I purchased are just as expected and my friends were very happy with these gifts. With much appreciation.
- Diana D.

I recently got SHOLDIT as a gift and I think it's perfect! I had been carrying a little wallet in my back pocket for a long time because I hate purses (had one stolen before). Glad to have SHOLDIT! I'm always cold, so I'll probably wear it in the summer too ; )
- Jess H.

It is an infinity scarf, it has two roomy pockets plus a cinch toggle and the SHOLDIT site shows ways of wearing it that would never have occurred to me. It gets my vote for one of the best wearable accessories for carry-on / lightweight travel I've seen yet.
- Paula Bag Lass

It's perfect, I still LOVE your product. I've used mine all over the world - most recently during a flight with two 7-hour layovers. It's a life-saver!
- Annie G.

Angela, This is a great product! Thank you....on behalf of the Women in the suburbs of Chicago.
- Carole R.

Hello, I placed an order this past Sunday and wanted to see when I should expect my purchases. I am leaving the country next week for a few months and wanted to make sure they will be delivered on time. I really don't want to travel without them!
- Megan C.

Really love the idea...I wear an insulin pump and am always looking for cool places to stash the thing when I'm out and about
- Karen from Canada

Success! It arrived just as I was walking out the door...Will load it up before I board my plane. Love the platinum gray; thanks again for going 'above and beyond!
- Vicki

I love it. It's so cool...I can't wait to use it when I travel with my dog in a few weeks. I'll need to be as hands free as possible. It'll make a nice pillow on the plane too.
- Stacy B.

I bought one for myself and loved it so much that I bought one for my sister-in-law for her birthday. My daughter saw it and loved it so much I bought one for her and at the same time bought myself another. I have bought 4 in the past couple of months!
- Jackie J.

I recently took a trip to Florida, and got many compliments on my "scarf." Of course, they were really amazed when they learned it was also a purse!
- Megan

It's super handy and convenient. It allows free mobility without a bulky purse when necessary.
- Tiffany

Love that you can carry cell phone, wallet and sunglasses without carrying a purse to the ball games!
- Nora

I like the option of having an extra pocket and like how it folds up into a purse which one could use as a travel pillow as well!
- Kalee

I've given multiple people the website! When they comment on the cuteness of my scarf, I follow up by showing them the pockets....which always leads to them wanting to know where I got it!!
- Jenn

Such an awesome idea and I love the different prints!
- Sammi B.

I would like to purchase a gift card for my sister! I love, love, love the Signature/Dawn in the periwinkle.
- Carolyn R.

I own one of these, they truly are amazing! I never have to worry about my most important items anymore - cell phone, $$, etc.
- Ella C.

Just want to say that I received my "sporty gray" SHOLDIT scarf today---and I love it already! Brilliant idea- can't wait to share this with my friends and family.
- Andrea H.

Dear SHOLDIT team, Thank you for making my frequent travels a safer and less expensive affair. I love that I can drape the SHOLDIT scarf around my neck or across my body as a fashion accessory while disguising my wallet, airline boarding pass, phone, and lip balm. This helps keep items I would otherwise have in a purse on my arm, now close to my chest. As an added bonus, it saves on costly baggage fees because I am able to take two carryon items instead of having to check bags at the counter. Most airlines charge a minimum of $25 each way for a checked bag. Just using my SHOLDIT scarf on one trip while traveling paid for it! Of course, I love how stylish it looks as well! Thank you again :)
- Krysten 

I LOVE SHOLDIT and it's my new favorite product! I'm always wearing an infinity scarf, and now having one double up as a "purse" of sorts... I'm over the moon! As a busy working woman and young mom, I'm in always on the hunt for something that's functional, secure, and fashionable. The SHOLDIT scarf is that product. The quality is great...the pockets are great...everything about it is great. They're really on to something with this one!"
- McKenzie 

I first saw this product air on the Today Show a few weeks back and had to order one right away! I was really excited to see a Nebraska Husker one! These are awesome!
- Kayla

Your lovely, versatile SHOLDIT scarf is the perfect accessory for my Minimalist lifestyle. Being able to have my essentials with me while wearing this contemporary scarf is brilliant. I can't tell you how many people have admired this unique clothing item. My friends, whom I have gifted with your scarf, also love it. Brava for your creativity and successful marketing.
- Karen E.

I’m so glad that you made it to this world! I recently found you while searching for a gift and ended up buying you for myself for my upcoming traveling adventures. This was such a great buy compared to others on Etsy and I love the quality and the story behind your brand. It’s a super smart idea to keep things fashionable, but secret compartments for a traveler is a must when going to sketchy places.
- Kim N.

So excited I believe your SHOLDIT scarf is the find of the century! I bought 2 maybe it will give it to my sister(maybe not). Thank you so much I believe you are genius's.
- Peggy G.

I having been sharing your link - what an amazing idea. Hugs to the SHOLDIT Team.
- Erin

I used my SHOLDIT scarf the whole time during my trip to Seattle and Victoria Canada. I rode on 3 ferries and it was perfect going through cold waters. I loved being able to keep my important items inside for easy access at the airport. It was my mini purse that hung around my neck. Loved it! Thanks again!
-J Menchu


Thanks Angela – My wife is hiding the scarf from my daughters-in-law and teenage granddaughters until she has worn it at least once. They will borrow it, and it will be lost forever. Best wishes for continued success!

We emailed back and forth at the start of September regarding SHOLDIT for my trip to the USA and Canada. I am now finally back in the UK after an incredible trip where my SHOLDIT scarf went everywhere with me! From a ranch in Montana to the edge of the world at Cape Alava! Both the scarf and the wristlets arrived just in time for my trip and we have a hilarious picture of me being very excited to find them in the mailbox at my friend's house! So many people commented on my scarf (I took the purple clutch one with me on my travels but have ended up keeping the green basic one too!) especially when I was on the Amtrak trains. It was great for not carrying a bag with me when I went to the dining car/observation car etc where space is limited. Thank you so much for all your help before I left and making sure my package got to me in time, I really appreciate it and can't tell you how important my SHOLDIT products were to me!
-Anna W.

I am the Founder and CEO of 2 Tae kwon do schools and a 3rd Degree Black Belt. I purchased the items for 2 of my Chief Masters. We are usually in our Doboks, but when we go to meeting, they are formal. The scarfs with the zippers are a great way to carry our small items AND I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT BEFORE.
-CEO of 2 Tae kwon do schools

I have now worn it twice in Tuscany and NYC. I will never travel the without it. And my daughter loved it so much she ordered one for herself and her stepmother on Christmas Day.
-Marion C.

I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your company. I made my first order recently for the scarf with zippered pocket that I saw on The View. Even though it took a longer time to get it, you kept me updated the whole time on the delivery status. I finally received my scarf yesterday and now today I get an e-mail from you showing me how to use it! Your customer service is the best! I'm always leery about ordering from someone I've never heard of before, but I'm so glad I ordered from you. Please forward my message to the right department, since I wasn't sure who to send it to. Thanks so much for everything!
-Barb C.

Thanks. Great product. Used my borrowed one on trip and wouldn't have survived without it. 69 yr old women can't keep it together in the airport lines or on the plane , or in crowds. Felt very safe having everything in it.
-Franke L.

Even though you were sold out on one of the two scarves I ordered, you were so great to let me know so quickly that there was a problem and then the two that arrived were fantastic on our trip to Italy. I never had to carry anything! as we walked our way through the towns of Tuscany and with the weather in the high 40’s it was perfect as an outer garment. Now heading to New York City for Christmas and planning to to take my new burgundy friend for another great trip.
-Marion C.

I took my SHOLDIT scarf to London and Paris. I had intended to wear it around my neck, but hot flashes kept me from doing that. Instead I looped it around my purse strap and kept my phone & sunglasses in the pocket for easy access. I got quite a few compliments on it.

- Grace

"What great customer service. I will definitely tell all my friends and have my daughter tell her friends who travel a lot. I’m so excited for it to arrive!"
- Laura A.
"Angela, I love your products. Thank you for creating such a genius invention. I have had the opportunity to work with Corey and I couldn't be more impressed. His professionalism and integretity speak volumns."
- Mary Jo C.
"I love mine. Just wore it for an entire month in Italy, it was THE BEST!"
- Karen
"I just returned from a trip to Europe and my SHOLDIT scarf was an invaluable asset. It is the most useful travel product I have ever purchased. I bough it at a trade show in Chicago and will be ordering more. I am also sure that many of the people I met will also do so as I was asked many times about where I purchased it. My passport and money were always secure and convenient. This was the best idea ever."
- Kimberly C.
" I can’t tell you how much I love my SHOLDIT scarf! It’s my favorite scarf!"
- Tiss D.
"I bought the yellow and I love the concept of this scarf with pocket... it's fantastic for listening to audiobooks without headphones! I can go about my business in the house with the book playing, hands free, and still hear kids, doorbell, oven timers, whatever's going on. It's really great. Also, I bought it for EasyJet flights because they only allow you one bag -- even if that bag is a 4" clutch. But they allow you to wear whatever you can wear, so pockets are indispensable! Your scarf is a lifesaver."
- Nancy F.
"Love the scarf and plan to order more!"
- Liz D.

"I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this product. I do not like to carry purses or wallets. These scarves allow me to have my cash, ID and credit card with me in a very fashionable way. I wish you could send me some business cards to hand out to people. I am constantly asked where I got mine. Perhaps as a promotion, you could include some cards with a small discount in each scarf with every purchase. Thanks for a solution I needed when I wear outfits without pockets."
- Gigi S.

"When you hit 60 you have about everything you need. If you don't already have it, you don't need it. I saw your product on Good Morning America and did not have it and knew I needed it. so I got one for myself and two friends." - Mary Jo

"I love the convenience of SHOLDIT"  - Val A.

"Compliments and Comfort" - Sharon B.