Outside of the box Ideas for the Last-Minute Valentines

Here at SHOLDIT® we like to think of ourselves as innovators, or "outside of the box" thinkers, if you will.

And these Valentine's ideas are outside of the box... straight outta the box, in fact. So, whether you are making plans with your momma, your sister, daughter, niece, your besties, or S.O., no matter the woman in your life, we have a fun, last minute "date night" idea that you all will love!

    • Host a "Foods you Love" Party. Invite all your favorite gals or couple-friends over and everyone can bring their favorite box of take-out. Plus they have some really great wine in a box these days! 
    • The Movie Box! Whether you are renting the latest Rom-Com from a certain movie rental box, watching an old classic, or taking turns picking a favorite flick, having a sci-fi or fantasy marathon, there are no seat reservations required, and you are always guaranteed the best spot in the house! Plus no one will care if you are chatting or canoodling through the movie... if that's your thing! And don't forget your snack pockets, that what they're made for!

    • "Who done it?!" For a killer good time, invite your favorite friends for a Murder Mystery dinner party! You can order a box online or check with your local escape room to see if they have one you can pick up. Props, clues and fun included in this game they won't forget.
    • Game Night! Everyone brings a "Game they Love," and let the rivalry begin! Play as celeb couple inspired teams "Brangelina" V "Bennifer," make fun romantic novel/movie inspired team names like: "Team Jacob" V "Team Edward" or "Rose and Jack" V "Harry and Sally."  Just be warned, win or lose, Rose will "never let go!"

    • Dinner-in-a-Box. Many grocery stores have been inspired by the dinner subscription boxes and have begun creating their own. With unique recipes to try, these meals can get you outside of your box, with unusual flavor profiles and taste that may be out of the norm for all involved, plus cooking together is a fantastic way to bond!
    • Homemade Photo Booth. Use some stylish wallpaper you already have and tape it to a bare wall spot in your house. Grab any crazy props you might have lying around or stop at the party store and pick some up. Think heart glasses, mustaches, sparkly hats, etc. Invite your favorites over for cocktails, or coffee and fun amazing pics to remember! 
    • Box of Baked Goods. While chocolate are fabulous and traditional, go outside of the heart shaped chocolate box this year, and think baked instead.  Something homemade (or from your favorite bakery) is absolutely the way to go!
      For a surprise treat, bring your Valentine their favorite coffee and a muffin, heart shaped donut, or other special just-baked treat to surprise her at work. Nothing says lovin' like something from the oven!


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