Top Packing Tips for a Stress-Free Spring Break

Top Packing Tips for a Stress-Free Spring Break

Whether you are driving, flying, cruising, or riding camel-back... however you are arriving at your destination, we have some often-overlooked packing tips that can take the stress out of your Spring Break Travel.

  • Check the Weather. This may seem like a no-brainer, but I can’t tell you how many times that I forget to check the 10-day forecast, and it’s a simple as adding a destination in your pre-programmed smart phone ap. Don’t forget to take into account the humidity or “feels Like” factor. This can help you avoid packing needless heavy or light clothing that will just stay packed anyway, plus, this can leave you extra space for souvenirs.
Top Packing Tips for Stress-Free Spring Break

  • Pack a surprise! When I was little, I loved going on vacation for the obvious reasons, plus my mom would always get us something new to wear or play with! Having a special something that only comes out for plane rides or long car rides, or even something new to wear increases its novelty and fun. And you don't have to be a kid or have one to do this! Buy yourself a little something special and new for your vacay! Novelty knows no age, my friend.
  • Multi-function items. This is always one of the biggest space savers. You have a dress that you can wear for day or a night out? Perfect! You have a jacket that goes with everything? Golden. How about your Swim Cover (SHOLDIT® Convertible Sarong with Pocket) that you can carry-on as an adorable, slouchy tote? Or a Warm Cozy scarf (SHOLDIT® Convertible Scarf with Pocket) for your trip to the mountains, or overseas, that doubles as an adorable clutch, or travel pillow? Even Better!
SHOLIDT Convertible Sarong with Pocket 2-in1 White
  • Trunk Organizer. This will help you year-round, not just in your travels! If you are road-tripping however, this can be vital! They sell trunk organizers, certainly, but we like rectangular flexible tubs with handles, which are perfect for the trunk.  I have 1 for my car essentials that stay in the car at all times: it has a roadside breakdown kit with jumper cables, triangles, and a few basic screwdrivers, a blanket during winter weather and any other essentials that you might need, depending on your location or destination. I have a summer/sports season tub with an outdoors picnic blanket, sunscreen and bug spray, and we put our beach essentials in here as well. You could use one for just about any of your hobbies, activities, or anything that’s coming in and out of trunk on the regular that you don’t want secured. 
  • Hands-Free. Staying hands-free while in-transit is hugely important for safety and convenience. Don't forget your blue tooth and secure zippered pockets! Those hands are valuable assets, keep them available for handholding, shopping bags, snacks & refreshing summer drinks!
SHOLIDT Convertible Sarong with Pocket 2-in1 White & Black
    • Pack by destination. This works great, especially for families or couples with multiple hotel stays, shoot, even just for 1 if going on an extended vacation. My mom taught me this when I was young. If everyone gets a carry-on, or if you are driving this is a great way to organize. We would have 1 small bag of daily essentials such as toothbrushes, shampoo and such, and a smaller suitcase or duffle for each destination with everything the family needed for those days. This avoided riffling through each bag for socks, or other small items and took into account the activities we would be doing at each stay. Perfect tip for the ultra-organized.
    • Buy/Rent/Borrow it there. Depending on your destination and activity level, sometimes it is just smarter to buy, rent, or borrow the items, and leave the worries and add-on baggage behind. This is especially true for things you don’t get to do very often, have limited storage space, or if you are flying and have extra fees for items and bags. This would be true of skis, snowboards, beach umbrellas, boogie or surf boards, golf clubs, bicycles and the like. Basically, anything large and awkward. You can even rent ski jackets and pants via mail; have it shipped your destination and ship out when you leave.
    Top Packing Tips for a Stress-Free Spring Break

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