Top 5 Mask Wearing Tips From SHOLDIT®

Making the Most of Mask Wearing.

Love them? Hate them? They’re just about everywhere and they are a necessity for many of us these days. Those in the healthcare field, in the school settings, in retail, in corporate settings, even just to go to the grocery store, gas stations and convenience stores. Most states and counties are now requiring masks for entry.
But raise your hand if masks have made your ears hurt! If you’re tired of your mask getting caught on your glasses, or on your hearing apparatus! Raise your hand if your face has been breaking out because your mask is not washable, or uncomfortable and rubbing! If masks have made you feel personally victimized.

We hear you, us too! As we move through this, more info becomes available and we figure out what works best for each of us.

Here’s a couple-five tips that we at SHOLDIT® have learned during this pandemic for making the most of mask wearing.

  1. Choose a face mask that is comfortable. This may seem obvious, but in order to wear for long periods, this is a must. Choose something that won’t hurt your ears, head, and face, and avoids rubbing which can lead to irritation and open sores, allowing bacteria and pathogens to find a new route into your body. Nobody wants that.
  2. Choose a mask that is washable. Not only will an unwashed mask trap the very pathogens that you are trying to prevent from spreading, prolonged wear of a disposable mask, or unwashed mask will also cause skin irritations, breakouts and can do more harm than good. Also make sure it stays dry. Bring a back-up for the day to ensure this. Also, too many disposable masks are bad for the environment. Disposable masks and gloves are the new disposable straws and plastic bottles. How many times have you pulled up in a parking lot, or walked in a store and the parking lot is littered with disposable PPE (personal protective equipment)? Ew.
  3. Choose a mask that protects. This is why we are wearing them after all right? Many masks and face coverings on the market may meet the minimum criteria of “face covering” but do very little to protect you and other from the spread of well, anything.
  4. Just like underwear… Breathable is best! Letting your face… and undercarriage breathe is optimal for skin health and quality, not to mention, it's kind of a necessity to actually breathe!
  5. Mask your face, not your personality! Let your spirit shine through, even if your smile can’t! Just because they are mandated, doesn’t mean they can’t be fun. If it meets all of the above requirements… go to town, wear colors and fabrics that are fun, masks that sparkle, wear something you love! 

Need Help finding a great mask that checks all the boxes? Look no further.
We are so excited to announce our NEW line of Convertible Face Masks. They are cotton lined, convertible to wear 2 ways - around your ears or your head, comfortable, are stylish and have an optional removable PM2.5 Filter. We are even offering a stylish Face Mask Lanyard and Coordinating Infinity Scarves with Pocket in select styles

Face Mask Lanyard

Here’s what a few our LifeStylers had to say! 

Amanda D. Says:

“I just got our whole family a set of masks & everyone agrees (even my young kids) that they are the most comfortable ones I've purchased yet! My 8 & 11-year-old said they are so soft & comfortable to wear all day at school. The straps are easy to adjust & customize the fit. My daughter especially loves the stylish sparkle ones. I highly recommend purchasing these masks.” 

Briana M.
“We can breathe!! And they're comfortable!... great product!”

Carol N.

“The masks are perfect! Somewhere in your advertising you should consider adding that they are perfect for people who wear hearing aids. By adjusting the mask to wear it on my head, it does not interfere with my glasses or hearing aids. I plan to order two more.”

Judy V.

“As a person who wears hearing aids and has lost one while taking a mask off (a very, very expensive loss) I am thrilled with this mask.  By using the system with the straps behind my head, my hearing aides are safe.  I work in an environment where we put masks on and off all day.  This mask, in this configuration gives me plenty of room to pull the mask off my face.  It is so easy to move it back up over my mouth and nose and move the top strap up to keep it secure.  This is a hearing aid lifesaver!!!!  I have tried other masks and systems, but none can hold a candle to this one for ease of use and for allowing me to be able to use my hearing aids and not worry about spreading the virus or getting it.  I could not be happier with this product!!!!!”    


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