Making Mother's Day Magic with SHOLDIT

Making Mother's Day Magic with SHOLDIT

Moms always work their Magic to take care of everyone else first. Now, we want to return the favor. Check out our 5 Simple Gift Ideas to make Mom feel like the Super Hero she is!

1-The "New" Mom:

Calling all Grandmas! Don't miss out on the perfect baby gift for your daughter or daughter in law. Our Convertible Nursing Scarf with Pocket is multifunctional and fashion forward. This roomy cut allows her to wear four ways as a neck wrap, shrug or undrape and use as a nursing cover. Easily folds into a carry all clutch she can conveniently toss in the stroller or diaper bag. Our built in pocket allows her to carry essentials like a pacifier, wipes, creams and anything else a new Mom needs to keep close by while taking care of her precious little one(s). Ideal for traveling, the zoo, festivals, even pumping at work. Everything you need, right where you need it. 



2- The "Ready for a Break" Mom:

The Mom who's been working her magic all day, every day, is ready for some R&R to re-charge. Keep her worry free and purse free on a relaxing weekend with one of our Convertible Infinity Scarves we've selected below. BONUS IDEA: Stick a set of movie tickets or a gift certificate to the spa inside the pocket, wrap with some pretty paper and finish it off with a thoughtful handmade card. 


3- The "Active" Mom:

Run, Hike, Bike, Swim, Climb? Go, go, go is the name of this Mom's game and boy, does she love staying busy! When not keeping up her own health, she's racing from event to event for her kids. For a Mom this active, our Convertible Neck Gaiter with Pocket is the perfect option. Wear around neck, face, fold in half for an ear warming head band or cinch into a stylish beanie hat. Spacious pocket holds her essentials close by without a purse to weigh her down!


4- The "Ultra Organized" Mom:

This Mom can always make order of any Chaos and if often the Queen of labeling in additional to the Queen of the Household! Keep her ultra organized and put a smile on her face with our fun 'lil accessories that would make any organizing lover incredibly joyful! What can she stash? With our Multi-Pocket Organizing Pouch, she can organize receipts, tech accessories, gadgets, gizmos and more. Don't worry about Mom, she'll have just the use for it, we promise. With our Garment Travel Organizer, she can be packed in lightning speed and even better; unpacked and clothes hung with a simple clip of two buckles. It's the gift that keeps on giving. 


5- The "Sassy but Classy" Mom:

This Mom can spark a fire with her Sass, but always keeps it Classy. Finish styling this Mom with one of our signature soft tri-blend shirts that is bound to make her laugh out loud. Seriously, who can deny "Classy but I cuss a little too."   



So no matter what stage of life moms in, we've got you covered. 

Use the Code MAGICMOM for 25% off at Checkout and bring the MAGIC!

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