40 Things You Can Do With Your SHOLDIT Clutch Wrap Purse!

Who doesn’t like secret compartments where you can carry something? Faster than Harry Houdini could undo handcuffs, we can master what to bring and what to leave behind.

Here’s our 40 favs for what to stash and store with our SHOLDIT Clutch Wrap purses or NEW Polar Fleece Neck Gaitors! 

1. Carry dog treats
2. Hide a cell phone
3. Stash sunscreen
4. Have your gloves with you
5. Bring your driver’s License
6. Hide a passport
7. Bring a boarding pass
8. Create a travel pillow
9. Carry an Epi-Pen discretely
10. Wear it as a scarf
11. Create a shrug
12. Pack mints or gum
13. Wear your wallet
14. Schlepp your keys
15. Tote around nail polish
16. Lighten your lipstick load
17. Smuggle sunglasses
18. Hide your cash
19. Carry credit cards
20. Bring your nail file
21. Disguise a travel toothbrush
22. Cloak your tampons
23. Stow away your birth control pills
24. Camouflage your condoms
25. Conceal Kleenex tissues
26. Keep some candy close (or chocolate)
27. Hide your earbuds
28. Keep warm while hiking through Iceland (or anywhere else that is cold)
29. Hide your deodorant
30. Bundle wet wipes
31. Bring some lube or aspirin
32. Haul some hand sanitizer
33. Hair ties, bands and bobby pins
34. Bring a notebook and a pen
35. Lug around some lotion
36. Bring band-aids
37. Stash some snacks like sunflower seeds
38. Have a camera
39. Carry a can of beer
40. Hide a mini plastic poncho

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