3 Must Have's to Get Ready for Back to School

3 Must Have's to Get Ready for Back to School

Back to School is upon us for those with kids of school age and as summer winds down, we get wound up for a busy fall. If your kids are in sports, even more hustle and bustle are coming your way some days trying to stay afloat as the rapids roar once again. Our 3 essentials to keep you afloat for Back to School:

  1. Print some fun schedule's to get them going. Calendar Labs has hundreds of templates to keep your on track!
  2. Every kid is hungry, and it can be simple to be nature friendly in a snap with some re-usable containers! We like some of what is listed from Mighty Nest
  3. Wake-ups may not come easy, but they can be a little fun! Kids will have a blast finding an alarm clock they can feel ownership of, some highlighted ones can be found at Wiki Kids .


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