SHOLDIT® LifeSTYLERs are lovers, fighters, and adventure seekers. If you get close enough to become a friend, you’re one of the lucky ones. They prefer to stick with best friends because they know they’ll never see an unflattering picture posted. These LifeSTYLERs can throw down with the best of them and always come out on top with a heck of a story… “like the time you were LSHYFFFOAYDYHDOTCIFOY = laughing so hard your foam finger falls off and you drop your hot dog on the cutie in front of you.”

SHOLDIT® LifeSTYLERs make their own history. They lust for adventure and their only demand is that you play their favorite tunes. They are doers and seekers. For every secret, there is a best friend who knows it. For every scar, there is a lyric or saying that describes its origin. SHOLDIT® LifeSTYLERs are a storybook in and of themselves, consistently writing new pages in their personal books of history.

Here’s to you dear adventure-seeking SHOLDIT® LifeSTYLER for being the love of your life.

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