10 Styles That Will Catch the Pitcher’s Eye

It’s baseball season – whoo-hoo! So what does that mean? Super cute outfits that scream all-American-cutie-patootie. We’ve put together our favorite styles that we believe any SHOLDIT gal would look great in. Use these looks as an inspiration for the next time you head out to the ball field…


1) Raglan tees are perfect for any baseball game –just pair with cropped jeans and flip flops or sneakers.




2)  We love the Keep Calm and Play Ball shirt, especially paired with those glittering baseball earrings.


3) While your team hits a home run on the field, we think you’ll hit a home run with your style sporting these fun wedges!





4)  One must own blue Converse if they are a baseball fan. Don’t forget to accessorize with a hot dog and snow cone.

5) If you are attending a college baseball game, we think these hats more than represent!






6) Even if you don’t have a favorite team, you can still “love” the game!

7) If the other two shoes aren’t your style, get yourself a pair of these. Don’t forget to prop your feet up on the chair in front of you to show off the stripes!






8) Handbags are such an annoyance at a baseball game. Keep your hands free and your personal items safe with the SHOLDIT scarf (personalized with your favorite team)! Approved for baseball games!

9) Don’t forget to sport some arm candy!





10) ...And the nails! (36 stitches included)



The SHOLDIT scarf with a hidden pocket is designed to hold a wallet, cell phone, passport, lipstick and more. Keep your valuables safe and your hands free while traveling confidently in style.


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