Collection: Convertible Infinity Scarf with Pocket™


Our patented CONVERTIBLE INFINITY SCARF WITH POCKET™ comes in several alternatives and fabric variations. All variations may be worn multiple ways as a neck wrap, shrug, cross body or fold into a stylish clutch purse and attach a wristlet.  

SHOLDIT's best selling infinity scarf with pocket offers additional variations: 

  • WIDE CUT  With 20" of total width, our wide cut infinity scarf with pocket is perfect for anyone looking for more coverage around neck, shoulders or as a stylish head scarf. 
  • COWL  Offers a shorter length and is wider in width with a generous fit around the neck. It's great for adding comfort and warmth around the neck and can even pull up over the head and ears while out in the elements. 
  • ORIGINAL  Offers a cinch toggle to adjust to your perfect curves and an extra side pocket for your cell phone when worn across the body. Currently Out Of Stock.