Travel Touchdown's

Travel Touchdown's

Set Hut! Game Day from Football, Basketball, to Hockey and More, there is a lot to bring along in tow. Long lines to get in, keeping track of tickets, money, and lipstick for cute pics! 

Sporting event restrictions have made it a challenge to look your best and keep valuables safe with no bag policies or having clear bags to gain entry. What if it's "that" time of the month and you have to carry a clear bag?! 

Welcome to your best style. SHOLDIT has over a dozen colors to choose from and your sporting favorite is no exception to sport your scarf with pocket. Lipstick, check. Money safely secured, check. Lady items....check check! No purses on the ground getting spilled on or getting stolen!

Heading to cold weather football games?

Check out our gear suggestion list below:

Terraprene Jacket:


Convertible Neck Gaiter:

Fleece Gloves:


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