Top 5 Tips For Hitting For The Road For The Holidays With SHOLDIT®️

Did you know that the week of Thanksgiving sees more travelers hitting the road than any other Holiday in our nation? In fact, in 2018, 54 million say they travelled for the occasion and in 2019 that number is expected to grow. So, here's our Top 5 Tips for Hitting The Road for The Holidays With SHOLDIT®!
  1. We received this tip from one of our LifeSTYLERS. She uses our Convertible Infinity Scarf With Pocket™  for the perfect travel pillow. Mind blown, right?! Holiday travel is exhausting, so get some rest on the way.
    Simply invert your scarf in the pocket, to make the clutch style, and you've got a perfectly compact pillow that you can wear instead of carry-on! Perfect for passengers or kids, on a plane, or in a car, or on a train, but not at the bar... that’s just poor form.
  2. Skip the cards. Download and make use of apps to limit what you carry! Input your card info to your cell and use your Apple Wallet or Google Wallet whenever possible. Bonus: you can order ahead at places like Starbucks and Chipotle to avoid the lines and get back on the road quicker, plus it fits in your scarf pocket, no fuss.
  3. Bring your headphones, and hide your device in your zippered pocket! Dad is listening to talk radio and you’re ready to zone... you and Taylor Swift can shake it off and no one will be the wiser.
    Top 5 Tips For Hitting For The Holidays With The Road With SHOLDIT®️
  4. Skip bringing several purses for each outfit. Night out? Simply bring your favorite wrist strap to covert your scarf into the perfect little clutch in a snap! Shopping, the car... wear it however suits you best at the time. Can your purse do that?
    Top 5 Tips For Hitting For The Holidays With The Road With SHOLDIT®️
  5. Snack Pockets were made for travels! Don't want to share? No problem. Conceal your latest gas station purchase in your scarf and keep it all to yourself. We won't tell.

And don’t forget your Convertible Neck Gaiter with Pocket™ for the Turkey Trot! Keeps you warm and toasty and your playlist in a convenient and secure spot, so you and Beyonce can Run the World and the Trot, together!

Happy Holiday Travels LifeSTYLERS, we are Thankful for you!
-Your Friends at SHOLDIT®


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    Love the pillow idea! Just traveled across Texas by train earlier this month and sure wished I had a pillow! And I did; just didn’t think that far outside the box or in this case, off the rails!

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