Packing the Perfect Weekend Bag

Hey LifeSTYLERS and Weekend Warriors, we know you want to be carefree while on the go. So, whether you’re heading to your hometown, catching a quick flight, beach-bound to the lake, river, or ocean: read here for our list of summer essentials to keep you packing light for your perfect weekend getaway!


The Checklist:


Wear your canvas sneakers and pack some light strappy sandals. Your sneaks are forever a classic, and the little strappies are versatile, lightweight, and won't take up a lot of real estate in your tote.


Basic Black Tank: Dress it up or down, it's classic and effortlessly cool. *Pro tip* roll it to avoid wrinkles!
Concert Tee: Rock your favorite concert tee on the road for stylish and comfy travel.
Kimono: Dress up your tank a bit with an airy kimono. Light and thin, beautiful for any body type and perfect for a hot day. It takes minimal bag space.




Wear your Jeans shorts and pack some lacy ones. Both are effortlessly cute and comfortable, ideal for the ride there and back, or any adventure.

T-shirt Dress

The perfect style & comfort combo. Dress it up with the accessories for Sunday Funday Brunch. And don't forget to roll it!


Ready for bed? No need to stress about packing pjs, just find an oversized t-shirt, or sleep shirt: comfy and space saving.


Ok, so a good bra can last you the weekend, but don't forget your panties (unless that's your thing! We won't tell).


Shades: Don't forget your summer specs! And, hey Maverick, we've got a great deal on some ever-stylish Aviators!
Jewelry: Keep it simple with a pair of studs, a ring to wear, and a necklace you pack away.
We love these dainty Silver Starfish Studs from Sterling Forever. (They also have adorably sweet pineapple studs in Rose Gold that we are anxiously waiting to come back in stock!)
We love this Silver Starfish ring, be instantly cool and wear it on your index finger to add some shine to your hand and fun to your accessory game! 
Dress up your look for Sunday Brunch, or a night out with the necklace you stashed away. We like this simple silver chain with Starfish Pendant to match your beachy mood!
Hat: a hat is a basic traveling staple. Whether its a baseball cap, fedora, or a wide rim beach hat, a hat is a basic travel go to. Wear it the days of travel to save bag space.


Pack your favorite piece that makes you feel fabulous because confidence is truly the best accessory!
Leave the towel at home, unless you are camping. Hotels have pool towels, and some even have beach towels, depending on proximity, but this can be a great space saver. 

Beauty Products

Hair: The no brainer here is to use travel size of your must-have shampoo and conditioner or use what’s in the room if that works for you. Go natural and keep the hair products lite for packing. Plus, with minis, you won't have to worry about size limitations. Kick it old school, and rock some pigtails, braids are always classy, and if you've got some natural curls, waves or stick-straigh hair, rock it girl! Plus, you get to save the room that the big tools would occupy. Also, a great travel size dry shampoo and a detangler leave-in will simplify your life!
Makeup: Keep it simple, everyone looks great with a little kiss from the sun. We love multi-tasking products, so bring a 3-in-1 foundation/moisturizer/SPF, and pack 2 less products. A bronzer, shimmery pink or gold on your lids, some tinted chapstick with SPF, a red lip, and a swipe with the mascara and you can keep your make-up bag to 6 items. #winning
Essentials: Deodorant is a must in this summer heat, and always. Find a travel size one that will fit perfectly into your makeup bag. If you know you're going to be in the sun, save your skin from dangerous damage and yourself from the misery of a burn, be sure to pack that SPF! And don’t forget the brushes. Travel size makeup, hair (or comb) and tooth brushes,  and don’t forget the toothpaste!

In The Bag

The Bag Itself: our Convertible Sarong with Pocket is the perfect 2-in-1 for your weekend getaway! After check-in, lighten your load and unpack the contents in the room. Carry it around town as a tote with your wallet, phone and sunscreen, to the market as a shopper, and when you’re ready to go waterside, simply invert to a swim cover up and you are set. Reverse when you're ready to pack up.
Wallet: Don’t forget your id, cards, and cash. A year-round essential for us is our SHOLDIT RFID Cell Phone Wallet. Keep all your payables, and phone in one dainty and adorable zippered pouch. Use solo as a clutch or add the Rhinestone Wristlet Attachment to carry hands-free around your wrist.
Road-trippers, keep in the car cubby to access for quick fuel and snack stops. Plus, it’s great for a night out as a small wristlet that you won’t lose. It has room for your red lips and it won’t stick to a dirty bar or restaurant floor like a bulky bag! Gross!

Hydration: staying hydrated is a must, especially in the summer heat. Bring something you can dump before the security line at the airport, and refill, or keep in the cupholder. We love the bright, fun and eco-friendly Margaritaville collection of tumblers, cups and water bottles from Tervis. The stainless tumblers keep your drinks iced all day long! And if these designs aren't your thing, they have many to choose from, or simply create your own design! 

The Schedule: How we're wearing it!

Friday (traveling day)

- Canvas Tennis shoes
- Jean shorts
- Concert Tee


Out and About:
- Strappy Sandals-or Tennies-whatever suits your locale
- Lace shorts
- Black Tank 
- Kimono
Pool Time:
- Suit
- Convertible Sarong with Pocket


- Strappy Sandals
- T-shirt dress
- Studs and Necklace

 For The Trip Back

Mix and Match shorts, tank or tee!

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Happy Travels From the SHOLDIT team!

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