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Once in a Lifetime Top 5 Eclipse Tips!

June 8th, 1918, the last time there was a Solar Eclipse. There is a lot more than just the right shades needed to view the once every 100 years Solar Eclipse event. How can you make the most out of this once in a lifetime opportunity? Our Top 5 Tips for the Eclipse!

1. Safety First for the Eclipse: Make sure your shades are NASA approved!


2. Find the Right Spot: A full list of city by city spots and times to be during the Eclipse can be found here: Map LINK

3. Commemorate it: Not only is the event itself unique, but there are ways to make it special for years to come with pendants, shirts and even Eclipse stamps.

4. Know the full Schedule:

5. Live Stream: Can't Make it outside to view it?Watch it LIVE Here:  Live Stream LINK


Additional Eclipse Resources:



Once the Eclipse is over, Halloween is right around the corner, stash away your Eclipse shades and get ready to stuff candy into our scarf with pocket!

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