Mother's Day - Top Product Picks For New Mamas

Mother's Day - Top Product Picks For New Mamas

Mother’s Day … the day we celebrate Moms around the world! This incredibly special day takes heart in different ways for each of us. I had never been a mother myself, however, I know the love I have for my mom and the sacrifices she made in always putting her children first. 
Finally this year, I was able to become a mother to a beautiful baby girl. I can tell you now that I have crossed over to parenthood, I see Mother’s Day (and life in general) from a whole new perspective.

Parents always say having children will change your life forever and they are not kidding! Of course, there is the lack of sleep, limited (lets be real: non-existent) personal time, endless housekeeping and I could go on and on, yet for me, it all falls into the shadows of how much love I feel for my child. It is now that I too see my mom in a whole new light. I appreciate even more how truly special the entire process from pregnancy to birth is and then a lifetime of endless love. I pray I can come close to being as wonderful of a mom as my mom was to me.
Thank you to all you incredible moms out deserve a day of peace & pampering!

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For those of you looking for some awesome baby gift ideas or perhaps expecting yourself, read on for a list of a few of my favorite items that make great gifts for all new mamas!

I’ll be honest, I had zero experience with babies prior to giving birth. My family and friends with babies either lived far away or else they had well grown out of the baby stage. So, when I registered, I had this scan gun and was walking through the store with a dear friend whom also has not yet had a baby. We were like the blind leading the blind. We spent hours trying to figure out “well if I was a baby, would I like this?” Or “it’s 3am and you can’t see what you’re doing, do I need this?” It is so funny looking back. I can tell you now, I did worry too much about what I didn’t know. The reality is, a baby really just needs love, food and a clean diaper. However, there are products that do make your life, and babies much easier. ; )

Labor Gown

My cousin bought one and said they are a must in the delivery room. I was skeptical about this and shrugged it off until I had a false alarm. It was a full moon and a snowstorm coming, we thought we were going into labor early but ended up not after checking in. Seeing first hand what it was like in the standard issue hospital gown, I decided I would be more comfortable in my own, so I bought this one and was so glad I did. It’s a very well thought out and comfortable design! I wish I would have bought two. One for pre water breaking and one after & recovery stay. I also took my own fluffy robe to cover up with and was so glad I did. Also…. take a heating pad to the hospital. They keep it so cold in there and it feels so good to warm and soothe the back! 


These washcloths are super soft and make a great cloth for bath time and we also use to wipe up the face during and after feedings.

I soon realized I needed a bigger towel for baby that would absorb all the moisture after bath time. I ordered this one and was honestly going to return it because I didn’t think it was very soft, but I didn’t want to deal with the hassle, so I washed it. Let me tell you, it did a magic trick and came out of the dryer super soft! It’s very absorbent and baby is so cute and comfortable in it! 

Diffuser & Noise Maker

I used this before baby to diffuse essential oils at home. I love it and it’s great to use day or night with baby sleeping. It buffers the sound with a gentle swoosh which they claim reminds them of the womb. She sleeps great and it has a gentle light for nighttime. You can run it with baby safe essential oils like lavender or just add plain filtered water.


This thing is fantastic when you have baby on one side, and you start to leak…. Momma’s we know! This captures valuable milk and keeps you and baby dry! I keep two in diaper bag in case I need to pump and say I don’t have power or battery runs out..this uses natural suction.

Diaper Duty

These are great for a diaper bag! I bought two sets in different prints. One set is for clean and the other set is for dirty rather it’s bottles, clothes etc.

These pads are really nice. Soft and padded, they are also long in length. Perfect for changing table, keeping one on a bed and also in the diaper bag.

And I finally have gotten to try out our very own Convertible Nursing Scarf with Pocket! Yay! I keep this in my diaper bag and it’s perfect when I’m on the go nursing or pumping. It’s soft, breathable and has just enough coverage you don’t feel like you’re wearing a giant apron. Baby can breathe, and you can see what you’re doing. I used it when I flew to New York for our Women In Business segment on GMA. Perfect for the airport and even discreet on the plane. Can now say I highly recommend from personal experience. : D 

Bottle Warmer & Sterilizer

I wasn’t sure if I needed a bottle warmer and I really don’t think you do need one. However, so glad I bought this for the sterilizing aspect. We turned our bathroom into baby central. We brought in a small refrigerator, so we didn’t have to make constant trips to the kitchen. I have some little baskets I keep covered that I keep clean bottles and pumping accessories in and have the sink with a little wash bin and this sterilizer next to the sink. I can rinse things quick and toss them in the sterilizer and it does all the work. Just make sure you clean it out once a week or so with about a 1-3 vinegar to water mix and run it on warm for about 10 minutes to keep it running like a champ.


Additional insights...

Car Seats

I did a TON of research on the best car seat and found the Chicco Key Fit to be an excellent choice. Most importantly, it ranked very high on the crash tests as well as ease of use and install. One thing I found out with car seats to be aware of is they are stamped with a manufacturing date and they are only good for typically 6 years, so the clock is ticking on that manufacturing date! The box is supposed to print the manufacturing date and once the box is opened, you can no longer return it. Now this is a challenge if you order online as you cannot read the box and they do not tell you the date. So, be careful if you think you are getting an amazing price on a car seat…it may be three years old for example, only giving you three more years of use! I recommend going into say Bed Bath and Beyond and seeing if they have what you want in stock so you can see the date it was manufactured. They did not have what I wanted in stock, so I ordered online from Buy Buy Baby, and it came to my house. However, they had placed a sticker over the manufacturing details and I could not peel it off so, remember you cannot open at your home or you cannot return it so I had to load it up and take it into the store where they opened it for me. We checked the date and I was blessed; it was manufactured that year, so I loaded it up and took it back home. But was glad I knew for certain, so it was all worth it.


Get the Chair

Everyone tells you to get the rocking chair. We bought one that rocks but also has an electric recline. I for certain wanted to be able to recline but didn’t want to mess with reaching for a handle to pull and then wake baby trying to kick the footrest back into place. Electric is the way to go! Little more expensive option, but totally worth it.


I could go on and on with pages of do’s and don’ts but hopefully this gives you some helpful insights into what to shop for that will add comfort and convenience! Wishing you and your family a very blessed Mother’s Day. Thank you to all our amazing mommas out there…you deserve a day of rest and pampering!

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