Fabulous winter fashion trends for 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and also the most wonderful time for fashion! From comfy cardigans to statement scarves, this season is full of great styles.

If you’re searching for a little inspiration, look no further. Here are our favorite winter fashion trends for 2017!


1.) Wear elegant (and extra long) sleeves

This winter, shake up your sweaters with a little extra fabric on the sleeves. Not only does it look super chic and classy, but all that extra material will help keep your hands cozy and warm. Always a bonus when it comes to dressing for the coldest months of the year!


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2.) Use turtlenecks to create cozy layers

Turtlenecks are a classic winter fashion piece, but have you ever tried layering them with other items in your closet? Add any thin turtleneck underneath a corduroy or denim dress for a super cute, wintery look. It’s the perfect way to mix and match some of your favorite seasonal pieces!

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3.) Get wild with some faux fur

From full-sized jackets to subtle accent pieces, faux fur is all the rage for adding a high-end touch to any winter style. Try pairing a fur vest with a classic winter sweater and some knee-high boots for a simple, yet classy look. Bonus points for choosing a fur that’s a little less natural and a little more colorful, such as pastel pink or emerald green.

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4.) Rock those oversized sweaters and cardigans

Much like those extra long sleeves, there’s just something wonderful about an oversized sweater. Look for something with a little slouch, then pair it with a scarf for the perfect wintery look or a long-chained necklace to class it up a little. As for those cardigans, look for something that goes past your knees (or even down to your feet)! Whether you’re wearing it as a jacket or a signature part of your look, it’s the perfect top-layer for almost any winter look.

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5.) Keep the classic infinity scarf

While this fashion trend is nothing new, infinity scarves are here to stay. Scarves are a wonderful accent piece for any holiday look, and the infinity scarf can be worn so many different ways that it’ll never get old.

Take your scarf game up a notch by wearing one of our patented SHOLDIT original pocket scarves. With a sneaky little pocket, not only will your look be incredibly fashionable, but also wonderfully practical.

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6.) Add some playful pleats to your look

Pleats may seem like a summertime style, but let us assure you, they’re just as cute (if not even more stylish) in the winter! Start with your favorite sweater (maybe a turtleneck?), add a pleated skirt, and then top it all off with a pair of tights and adorable booties. For those extra chilly days, you can even add a cozy cardigan to complete the look.

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7.) Get a little edgy with leather leggings

Winter fashion is really all about the little things, and swapping out your cotton leggings for a leather pair is a tiny difference that’ll make a big impact. The best part about this look is that leather leggings go great with the other pieces you’ll already have in your closet. Sweaters, turtlenecks, cardigans – they all play nicely with leather legs to create a badass, super classy look.

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8.) Embrace those joggers

Joggers, track pants, trendy sweatpants...whatever you want to call ‘em, these comfortable pants are a must for any fashionista’s winter wardrobe. Not only are they outrageously comfy, but these sporty pants can be dressed up or down to match any occasion. Try pairing them with booties and a beautiful necklace for a classier look, or keep it casual with sneakers and your favorite sweatshirt.

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9.) Stay cozy with funnel-neck sweaters

If turtlenecks aren’t quite your thing (trust, us we totally get it) try a funnel-neck sweater. These cozy pieces still have some extra fabric at the top around your neck, but with a little more breathing room. Just throw one on and you’re good to go – no extra accessories needed!


10.) Turn a summer dress into a winter hit with a scarf

Again, this look is nothing new, but it’s just too damn good to forget about. The next time you’re getting ready for a date nate during the coldest months, skip the statement necklace and add a statement scarf instead. (Hint: See infinity scarf section from above.)

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That's our roundup! Which trend do you want to try this season!? 

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