Dorm DO's and DON'Ts: A Back To School Guide For On-Campus Living

Dorm DO's and DON'Ts: A Back To School Guide For On-Campus Living

Back to School Time 

There is just something about back to school time that makes us all a little giddy, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s the Midwest in us here. The changing of the seasons, the itch for a whole new wardrobe, cute bed-in-bags pop up in every store, in fun teeny-bopper colors, list of must-haves in every ad, and the crayons, crayons everywhere! Or maybe your perfect little angels are driving you a little nutty...  either way...

“… It makes me want to buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of sharpened pencils, if I knew your name and address.” Joe Fox (Tom Hanks), You’ve got Mail.  And seriously, what girl wouldn’t want that Tom?

Whether you’re the one heading to school in the coming weeks, or you’re helping your young collegiate to prepare; Fall is coming in hot and so are Back to School Sales are in Full Swing! We’ll leave the full-on checklist to the pros on this one, but we’ve got a few tips, DO’s and DON’TS for moving, dorms, bunkmates, and college life to help make the transfer to campus as seamless as can be! Because, quite frankly this big move can be a little intimidating (to say the very least)!


DO: Pack for the season!

If home is close to campus, the seasons don’t change much where you will be going, or you know you will be returning home before the season change, only bring the clothes that will be in season, and swap out on your next visit, or at the holidays.

DON’T: Pack everything you own!

If you’re in the dorms or living on campus, space is likely at a premium, you don’t need the added stress that comes with a cluttered closet (and you don’t want to be THAT roommate). Save the stress for finals and keep it minimal!


DO: Think in layers.

Classrooms, the library, dorms, commons, coffee shops, and even the jaunt outside can vary greatly in temps, even throughout the course of just one day. Bring items that you can easily mix and match, and layer up or down.


DON’T: Pack your entire closet.

See above.


DO: Get into the School Spirit!

School Colors, team shirts, and university apparel and novelty items will always be a class act, and makes you feel more at one with your classmates and school! Fact: School Spirit and Cheering on your team together increases happiness in college students! Okay, maybe I made that up, but it totally sounds legit!


DON’T: Be afraid to put yourself out there.

Join a club, volunteer, attend a new event at school, or off-campus. This is where you will meet others with commonalities, and this is the time in life that many lifelong friendships are forged. Get out of your comfort zone a little and say hi, introduce yourself, and get social. In REAL LIFE! Having friends in the same stage of life is crucial to stress management and a great college experience. You will be so glad you ventured out!


DO: Connect with your roommate ahead.

Nobody wants a scene straight out of Pitch Perfect with their roomie. Make that awkward first text and get to know them. Plus, you two can strategize together on items to bring to avoid double purchases and unnecessary clutter. Talk about who is bringing what. Do you use the same shampoo and conditioner, what kind of snacks do you like, who’s bringing plates, silverware… etc.  And Don’t forget -this is a great chance to Color Coordinate, so it doesn’t look like your mom drew a tape line down the middle of the room, kapeesh?


DON’T: Forget your roommate is a person too!

Be kind, patient, and considerate. This will be their home for the next 8 months also. Work out the difficulties, get along, and be courteous to their wishes.  You may also want to lay out a couple of ground rules so things are out in the open, such as time for lights out, what time you wake up, how late you have friends over, etc.


DO: Bring items that are convertible and have multiple uses.

This ensures the most bang for your buck, minimizes the number of items you need to bring, and helps solve the storage dilemma. 


DON’T: Bring 5 different products/items when 1 can cover it.

Simplify your life by being minimalish.



DO: Get a Toaster Oven!

Our favorite all in 1 kitchen item. But first, check with your regulations and make sure it’s allowed. This unique contraption toasts, bakes cooks, and reheats all in one! Cold Pizza no more!


DON’T: Forget to check Pinterest for some great quick and easy meal recipes.

Pinterest is the best! For a comprehensive list of... well, just about everything... Pinterest is your go-to! Recipes, outfit ideas, travel tips, everything you need is right there. So plan some meals and focus on easy, like 5 ingredient dinners.


DO: Keep your accessories to a minimum!

Leave any heirlooms at home so they don't get lost or stolen, and once again, the best products are going to be the ones you can get the most use out of. Backpack pockets are great, but they are out of sight and mind behind you, leaving you open to theft. SHOLDIT’s Patented Scarves allow you to stash your stuff safely next to you, in a secure zippered pocket.


SHOLDIT’s Convertible Scarf with Pocket converts from a super stylish Scarf with a Hidden Pocket, to an adorable Cross-Body, or Clutch Purse! Our wide-cut gives you even more for wearable options: as a vest/shrug in addition to all the ways previously named, giving you many different ways to wear your SHOLDIT Scarf!

Whether you’re heading to class, shopping, the library, coffee shop or a date night… SHOLDIT has you covered! 

DON’T: Forget to get the wristlet attachment. This gives you yet another way to wear your SHOLDIT Scarf, and to keep your hands free for coffee holding! You could also use our Wristlet with our Cell Phone Wallet, and I love it for my keys!


DO: Enjoy your college experience!


DON’T: Forget that you are fortunate to be there! Do the work, make the grades, and DON’T get in a boatload of debt that lasts much longer than your college career! Work hard so that you can build a great future, and a career you love and are passionate about, instead of being stuck trying to dig your way out of a mountain of debt!


Take Note!
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Happy Back To Schooling LifeSTYLERS! From your friends at SHOLDIT!


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