NEW Summer Must Have!

NEW Summer Must Have!

Get ready for the most exciting innovation in beachwear since the Bikini!


 Meet the Convertible Sarong with Pocket™

With summer just around the corner, our all NEW patent-pending Convertible Sarong with Pocket™ literally has you covered. Whether you are relaxing on the beach or drinking Piña Coladas by the pool, the Convertible Sarong with Pocket™ allows you to conveniently cover up while keeping valuables like phone, wallet or room key safe and secure in the hidden zippered pocket. You can now make worry-free trips to the snack bar, restroom, or go on a care-free stroll.


Converts Into Tote Bag

This clever design allows you to easily invert the larger main pocket and tie the ends to create a stylish carry-all tote bag. Users are able to load up their towel, water bottle, book, snacks and more. The Convertible Sarong With Pocket™ also makes a lightweight yet stylish shopper or travel bag. You will no longer have to stress over the safety of your valuables. Our Convertible Sarong with Pocket™ allows you to be completely hands-free and worry-free. 

Because you can use the Convertible Sarong with Pocket™ so many ways, you can actually pack less or go ahead and take that extra pair of shoes! Use as a fashionable travel tote getting through the airport, as a convenient shopper bag at the market once you get there or wear as a stylish sarong at the beach or pool. Busy moms also agree, this is a perfect all-in-one must have to keep hands free for more important "things" to hold. 


This new summer must-have item in beach wear is available in four trending colors;  Breezy Black, Breezy White, Breezy Blue and Breezy Pink. SHOP NOW!
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