Black Friday Survival Guide: Tips To Make The Most Of Your Black Friday Shopping

  1. Bring your coffee or cocoa in a disposable cup, to stay warm while standing outside, in-line. ☕️ Toss when you’re done, for one less thing to carry. And don’t forget your favorite coffee house will have a line too, so plan ahead or make one at home to save the extra money!  
  2. Bring a buddy! By teaming up, you can have someone hold a spot in line while you park, or grab a last-minute item, and it makes the shenanigans a lot more fun. Make nostalgic playlists ahead for the car ride and bring headphones for when you separate, to keep focused on holiday cheer vs chaos! Make your mission as fun as possible and choose to keep a positive attitude! 

  3. Map it out! It's smart to pre-check what isles and shelves your wants will be ahead of time but remember, stores do change their layout to accommodate the masses just for that day. Get a game plan on Thanksgiving, after dinner, and hit the sales in a timed order. Make a list at each store to try to hit all the items on your list.
  4. Spread your cheer! Download "Heads Up" on your phone and have a few fun games to play in line to make the experience fun! Bring a bag of suckers or other candy to pass through the line. Your good mood is a choice and don’t keep it to yourself, spread that holiday cheer!
  1. Keep your hands-free for browsing and shopping. Be sure to have your phone fully charged and bring a charger! keep your inbox free and download the Shopluar Ap, for all the best deals right on your home screen. Stash your phone, cash, and cards close and secure in your SHOLDIT Convertible Infinity Scarf with Pocket™. And be ready for a hands-free happy hour afterward... because, CHEERS! You earned it!

    Black Friday Survival Guide: Tips To Make The Most Of Your Black Friday Shopping

Better yet...decide what stores have the best deals online and stay cozy on the couch while you skip the lines and shop from your laptop! 💻 has the fabulous Black Friday HoliYAY Sale going on right now. So sit down, feet up, and don't miss it!


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