Almost time to Get Cozy!

Almost time to Get Cozy!

Our New Fall Line is Coming and it promises to be COZY!

Be on the lookout for upcoming trends with our new lines perfect for Holiday Gifts:

  • Cozy
  • Mystic
  • Cosmo
  • Plaid Fleece

A few SNEAK Peek images!


Shown Above is COZY Black, coming soon!



Shown Above is Plaid Fleece Red, Coming Soon!



Shown Above is Mystic Purple, Coming Soon!

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I’m upset! I paid $40 and never received my scarves. I purchased them from view your deals. I called your company and all I get is voicemail. I have been getting emails from someone treating me like a young child. I’m 65 and on a limited income. These were gifts for family! I’m aware that it says the post office delivered them. I have never seen them. I want the money put back on the card. Is this too much to ask?

Dorie Valleen

Hello, I have bought about 8/9 in total of your lovely and EXTREMELY useful product.
Some have been presents but I have 5. I’m looking forward to your New Collection. Looks real Cozy. One of my favourite’s and the one that gets most comments is the first one I bought – a lovely multi colour mainly orange, black. Some more or even one a season would be great. I’m not into ‘slogan’ type or Halloween/Paddy’s Day etc. but I appreciate that many people are. I love texture, subtle 2 tone, the Crinkle was great. Covers many friends style and easy to give.
I hope you can see that I love your product and these are just my personal opinions.
I can’t help myself, I used to be a Buyer of high-end Jewellery and Gifts for Special Occasions. Keep up the great work .
Best Regards


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