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We’ve heard the negative comments. Can’t you cover yourself? Breast-feeding is disgusting. How can you do that in public? Can’t you do that somewhere else? Why don’t you go to your car?
Most nursing mothers around the U.S. have been shamed at one time or another.
While some people might think it’s inappropriate to breast-feed in public, we know what really counts and why breast-feeding is so important.
We also know how difficult it can be as a new mom. Your breasts hurt to the point of going numb, let alone worrying about leakage in embarrassing places. (Is that what those breast pads are for?)
You’re tired beyond exhaustion and now some stranger is trying to tell you, you shouldn’t feed your baby in public.
Would they rather have a screaming baby? How do they think their mother handled it when they were a baby? Let’s get real. 
Most mothers are tougher than they look and are going to protect their babies at all costs.
That’s why we’ve created the new SHOLDIT nursing blanket. We want you to be able to be a “stealth breast-feeder”—if you want to—so you can feel more comfortable doing what you need to do when you need to do it.
Here’s how it works.
1. Wear it like a scarf.
2. When it’s time to breast-feed, unwrap your SHOLDIT nursing blanket, and hold your baby underneath it.
3. Then cover up and start breast-feeding.
4. Once you’re done, you can swaddle your little one and have some fun.
Why experts recommend breast-feeding
The American Academy of Pediatrics (and a lot of doctors) recommend breastfeeding for at least the first six months of baby’s life for a variety of health reasons because a mother’s milk has important antibodies.
WebMd says babies who are exclusively breastfeed for the first six months (without formula) have:
  • Fewer ear infections
  • Less respiratory illness
  • Less diarrhea
  • Fewer trips to the doctor and hospitals.
What mother wouldn’t want to protect her baby with those stats?
Here are some other tips to help.
  1. Easy access. It’s important for moms to be comfortable in the clothes they are wearing. Not everyone wants to wear a loose-fitting T-shirt, so button-up shirts or specially made clothes can help.
Tip: Wearing a belly band underneath can help to cover-up if you have lift up your shirt (we also like the “drapey” format of the SHOLDIT nursing blanket to help cover up uncovered parts.
  1. Know your rights.
    There are plenty of laws that protect nursing mothers. (See details ) When the Affordable Care Act was signed in March 2010, it required employers to provide employees break times and place (other than a bathroom) for a woman to breast-feed or to “pump” out her milk.
  1. Most women do it.
    According to the CDC three-quarters of American mothers now breast-feed, compared with less than two-thirds in 2000. (Nearly half of all mothers were still breast-feeding at six months compared with 34 percent in 2000.)
  1. And it’s good for you, too.
    A New York Times story points out how breast-feeding can be a reset button for metabolism after pregnancy helping women who had gestational diabetes avoid becoming lifelong diabetics.
  1. It’s your choice.
    At the end of the day, whatever you chose is your right. We aren’t trying to tell you what to do, we just want to give you options if you decide to breast-feed in public. It’s your right.
Remember: be nice to new mothers. They brought you into this world, whether you remember it or not.
Not sure what we’re talking about? Check out this “Sexy vs. Breast-feeding” video by @JoeySalads that shows it all.
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