Our Holiday Guide to Shopping – What to Get Someone You’ve Never Met Before

Maybe you’re meeting your future in-laws for the first time. Or your fiancé’s extended family.

Perhaps you’re shopping for a Secret Santa or white elephant gift for the holiday office party and you have no idea who is going to open it.

Everyone likes buying the perfect gift. But it can be hard.

First, a few pointers.

If you don’t know the person you are shopping for, find something that has the following qualities:

  • It is universal.
  • It is pc. (Offensive gifts need not apply.)
  • It is slightly personable and unique, without being too personable.
  • If you’re going to buy a piece of clothing, it should be one-size-fits all. (See the first tip.)

To make it easier, here’s our suggestions for holiday shopping so you can find the perfect gift.

For the Sports Nut

Got someone who is a marathoner? Maybe they like to go outside and be on the trails all day.

Try the Hydrosport compression fit, convertible sport vest. It’s patent-pending technology for a reason.

Hike, bike and run with this bad boy on to keep hydrated. The receiver of this gift can also easily carry a cell phone, wallet, keys and energy snacks in hidden pockets that make it perfect for keeping active on the go.

For The Funky Fashionista

Does this lady have everything in the closet and still have nothing to wear? Or maybe you’ve heard about how she’s up on the latest fashion. Then try this Basic Premium Green Flora SHOLDIT Clutch Wrap Purse.

For The 9-to-5 Office Type

If you know enough to know this person could be a classic cat who likes everlasting styles and patterns, try the Basic Premium Asia Shimmer SHOLDIT Clutch Wrap Purse.

For The Man’s Man

So guys get cold like everyone else. They just don’t like to admit it.

If there’s a guy on your list that likes to be “cool,” try out this universal Pocketed Neck Gaiter in polar grey fleece. He (or she) can stash their money, headphones or cell in the side zipper pocket.

For the Jet Setting Traveler

Is she the "have passport, will travel" type?

Then try the Basic Premium Orange Flora Clutch Wrap Purse. A sophisticated woman will appreciate the extra pockets, no bags approach for carrying all the essentials onto a plane.

For the Millennial or Hipster Type
We love the urban cool of this slouchy Grey Knit Fashion Beanie and the Textured Winter White Fingerless gloves.
For the Busy Mom

Moms are more than just moms.

Sometimes people forget they are women first.

Either way, moms like to ditch the big bags and feel stylish and cool too. Try something easy, like the Original Black Clutch Wrap Purse, where she can stash her stuff from baby bottles to a cell phone. Plus, it goes with everything.

For the Secret Santa or White Elephant Gift

Try the sparkly SHOLDIT Wristlet in silver or black.


It can be attached to this great on-the-go Black Cell Phone Wallet. (Yes there are two pockets on it.)

Or get some Luggage Tags of Fun Mixed Phrases.

Each luggage tag is sold separately. Mix and match which tags appeal to you.

  • Not Your Bag!
  • Only Dirty Clothes Inside!
  • Hands Off!
  • Don’t Make Me Chase You!
  • Put it Back, it’s Mine!

Just remember, Santa’s elves have to stop working at some point.

Our drop dead date to get something delivered by Christmas: 3 p.m. Central Time; Friday, Dec. 18, 2015.

Happy Holidays!






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