Trick or treat, but PLEASE don’t smell our feet.

Still struggling for a Halloween outfit this year? We won’t play any tricks, but we’ve got a few ideas to leave you laughing.

Here are five DIY Halloween costume ideas, complete with a big ‘ole treat for you. 

1. Be “Sweater Weather and Pumpkin Spice Latte.”

We love this couple costume idea from

Bust out the oversized sweater, leggings and, of course, wear your SHOLDIT Clutch Wrap purse for the truly comfy look.

Have your guy write a chicken-scratched name on white T-shirt to make it look like a Starbucks cup, add a paper plate on his head for good measure.

Flying solo?

Just hold a Starbucks cup in your hand instead and maybe draw a pumpkin on it.

2. Steal the “Celebrity in the Sun” outfit.

Just because the weather has turned cool and chilly (at least in some parts of the country), it doesn’t mean you can’t radiate a little sunshine.

We love the celebrity factor of Jennifer Lopez and Blake Lively wearing blue aviator sunglasses.

If you want the same look for a fraction of the price, check out our SHOLDIT Aviators for $5.99. (Too bad we can’t all have J-Lo’s abs, right?)


3. Busy mom? Sport the “I’m a celebrity-wearing-a-black-beanie-with-the-baby look.”

All you need are dark shades, a cutely dressed baby, an awesome jacket and the perfect black beanie hat. (Maybe get a long blonde wig, too.)

Our black knit fashion beanie will help you complete the look.

4. Be a travelin’ suitcase.

We already think our luggage tags are pretty darn hilarious.

To make a quick-and-simple DIY Halloween outfit, get an oversized cardboard box, cut it in half to make two sides of the luggage (or simply cut a hole in the middle.

Google some names of great travel destinations, print a few out a few of them and glue to the “luggage.”

Add one of these hilarious tags. (We suggest the “Don’t Make Me Chase You!” tag and have some fun.)


Another option: Wear a trash bag to be “an emotional bag” with a box of Kleenex and use one of our snarky luggage tags. Check out these trash bag options from Country Living magazine.

5. Check out what’s trending on Pinterest.

Okay so this isn’t just one idea, but a slew full of great ideas.

We love this list of the most pinned Halloween ideas. From creating a sugar skull face to creating a Queen of Hearts costume, there’s a lot of great ideas here.

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