As a chiropractic neurologist Dr. John McClaren knows a thing or two about the brain, back (aka the spine) and nervous system.

Since becoming a chiropractic physician in 2001 and a board-certified chiropractic neurologist in 2005, he’s tested a variety of products and designs that are good for “the body.”

“There are not very many products I have chosen to stand behind over the years,” McClaren says. 

One of the few exceptions has been the Clutch Wrap Purse (a scarf that’s a purse), the HydroSport Vest, Neck Gaiter, or Cell Phone Wallet by SHOLDIT. 


It’s all about the ergonomics and spinal biomechanics that are built into SHOLDIT products.

“The design is perfect for the person on the go,” McClaren says. “With the SHOLDIT scarf, an individual is able to carry a variety of things with them and it reduces the risk of spinal injury due to proper axial loading.”

In nonmedical terms that means using a SHOLDIT Clutch Wrap Purse helps to properly distribute the weight along the long axis of the body, so you don’t have back pain. 

It is also very safe and comfortable for the brachial plexus—aka the group of nerves that come from the spinal cord in the neck and travel down the arm—as well as other parts of the body that normal purses and shoulder bags tend to injure from overuse.

Since McClaren doesn’t carry a man purse, his personal favorite is the SHOLDIT HydroSport vest.

He calls it “another ingenious product” because it has many of the same benefits as the Clutch Wrap Purse and can be used to exercise safely while staying hydrated. “I love its versatility and comfort,” he says. 

“I don’t stand behind many products, and give even fewer my full endorsement,” McClaren adds. “But in this case I do both.”

John McClaren, DC DACNB
Board-certified chiropractic neurologist
La Vista, Neb.

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