How to Properly Accept a Compliment

It may sound odd, but most people don’t know how to take a compliment.

For example say someone gave you this compliment:
"You look beautiful today."

Do you:

  • Turn bright red and blush with embarrassment.
  • Quickly return the favor and say, “So do you.”
  • Get all diva-like and say, “Well, of course I do.”
  •  Or simply say, “Thank you.”

That’s why we thought it was time to prepare you.

Prepare to be inundated, like the paparazzi stalking George Clooney and that smart, civil rights lawyer wife of his, Amal Alamuddin.

Prepare for everyone to ask you where you bought that “infinity scarf with a pocket.”

That’s right, we noticed our customers, from women checking out at the grocery store to those who are paying their bar tab after a round of drinks—are getting a ton of compliments on wearing their SHOLDIT Clutch Wrap purse.

When you get a compliment we recommend simply saying “Thank you” and then of course shamelessly giving them the website so they can order their own.

Either way, here’s our 411 on how to receive a compliment, because there’s no need for awkwardness especially when someone is being nice.

  1. Show sincere gratitude. Saying “Thank you” is a powerful phrase. Everyone likes to hear it, but not enough of us say it.

  2. Use appropriate body language, keep it real. People can pick up on your “vibe.” If you don’t act like you mean it, the person saying the compliment will quickly pick-up on the fact that you’re being fake. Don’t be fake, no one likes it.

  3. Don’t undermine the compliment. If you down play a compliment, then it’s awkward for everyone. The giver doesn’t feel like their verbal “gift” has been received. The worst thing someone can say is, “this old thing, it’s nothing.”

  4. Avoid “the compliment battle.” There’s no need to counter back with an immediate compliment to make the other person feel comfortable, such as “Oh, I love your watch. (Again see rule No. 2 about not being fake.)

  5. Practice. The best way to know how to receive a compliment is to practice by giving one. When it warrants it, give a compliment to someone else and see how they react. 

What do you like about the way they act? What don’t you like?

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