A Purse that Scores Big at the Football Stadium

The days are long over when you could bring in whatever you wanted to the stadium. The NFL ban allows for a small clutch that fits the general size of the palm of a hand. Instead, wear a SHOLDIT Cell Phone Wallet and your Wristlet, and never worry about babysitting a purse at the game again. No more dirty purse on the ground either.

No matter what you decide, here’s what you should know before going to your next professional football game.

Here are three game-day options.

Thanks to the NFL’s security rules, ladies we can now bring in a clear tote—made plastic, vinyl or pvc (can only be 12-inches wide and tall, and 6-inches deep). What’s next? Wearing our “Sunday” undies on the outside of our pants too? Talk about invasive.

Bust out the cheap ass, one-gallon clear plastic freezer bag. But really, who wants to carry around a Ziploc bag while they are trying to cheer, chug a beer, and do a little touchdown victory dance when your team scores. “Here, honey, hold this” ain’t gonna work. Does it ever? C’mon, women are always the pack mules.

Instead of worrying about something on your arms bumping into your neighbor, bring a SHOLDIT Cell Phone Wallet and Wristlet. Yep, the Wallet that can carry everything from a smartphone to make up, cash, credit cards to even the always joyful tampon.

Thanks to all the crazy lunatics out there, the NFL (thank goodness) does pat downs and metal detector screenings of all individuals entering NFL stadiums for an added level of safety.

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