10 secret things to hide in your SHOLDIT scarf!

When your infinity scarf has a sweet secret pocket, there's a whole world of opportunity to stash all kinds of things away from prying eyes! You're basically only limited by the size of the pocket; but believe me, we've seen almost everything, from tiny little pets to fairly big bottles o' booze. Here, we've compiled a list of ten of our favorite little secrets to carry around in the pocket of our best-selling convertible infinity scarf with pocket! 

1.) A flask (or airplane shooters!) 

While we wouldn't necessarily condone breaking the law or anything like that, it's pretty liberating to be able to sneak a lil' bottle of vodka into a music festival or a beer into the football game! (After all, who REALLY wants to pay $8 for a Bud Light?!) If you're looking for a way to sneak alcohol into, well, virtually any event, then our pocketed scarf will be your go-to solution! 


2.) Tampons

When it's that time of the month, the last thing you want is to be wind up far away from home without the ONE thing you need! Just keep one in the zippered pocket (it's so light that you won't notice it's there!) and you'll be totally good to go in the event that you're caught off guard.

3.) Movie theater candy

Sure, it's frowned upon, but this one is all about being frugal! Save yourself some cash by buying your snacks ahead of time, then tossing them into the pocket of your SHOLDIT scarf and sneaking them into the theater! No one will be any wiser. ;) 

4.) Pepper spray

We firmly believe that every woman should be fully prepared to protect herself. Maybe you love jogging at night (when a purse isn't practical), or perhaps you're just taking a walk home from work. Either way, you should have your pepper spray in a place where you can easily access it, and not at the bottom of a bag! 

5.) Small animals

Obviously you shouldn't ZIP the pocket, but we've been totally surprised by how many people use their convertible infinity scarf to stash their furry friends! Pepper Potsy, a tiny little sugar glider, is well-known for curling up into our scarf pocket and taking a little snooze. (Check her out on Instagram!)


6.) Your grocery/shopping/to-do list

We don't know about you, but it seems like every time we walk into Target, we get distracted by shiny things and completely forget why we were there in the first place. Use the zippered pocket of your SHOLDIT scarf as a safe spot to keep your shopping list and you'll be able to stay on track (and, hopefully, on budget!) while running errands.



7.) Money

Heading out on the town and don't want to bother with a purse? Easy-peasy. Just keep your money, credit cards, and ID in your scarf! It's fashionable, hands-free, and allows you to dance the night away without worrying about watching your bag.

8.) A hickey

Did you find yourself with a little love bite this morning? ;) Luckily, a scarf is the perfect traditional solution for hiding a hickey. You can even throw your favorite concealer in your SHOLDIT infinity scarf pocket, just in case you need a little extra cover-up! 


9.) Your cell phone

No pockets? No problem. Keep your cell phone in your convertible SHOLDIT scarf and you won't have to worry about it the rest of the day! 


10.) Medication

We can think of countless scenarios where having a place to put our pills would have come in handy! Maybe you're on an incredible nature hike and want to have easy access to your allergy meds, or you're on a hot date and just want to make sure you have a safe place to stash your birth control. Either way, once again, our pocketed infinity scarf comes in handy! ;) 

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What would YOU stash in a SHOLDIT scarf? Show and tell us below, or tag us @sholdit on Instagram or Twitter! 

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I’m a flight attendant who LOVES your product! But I want to let people know that serving alcohol to yourself on board a plane is against federal law. Don’t do this!


Love my Sholdits. I .have 2. I have given out about 6 for gifts. Everyone love them, however agree another zipper on another side to balance out when putting items in.


I love being a grand mother. Sholdit is the best when I take my grandson out to e park, to a show or out to eat. I always have my hands free . And he loves it when I hide goodies in it!

Denise Harris

I hate fighting with my scarf when I have a cell phone in it. I stopped using it for that reason. It occurred to me that putting a smaller pocket on the opposite side could be used for a counter balance . Just a thought.


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