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 Read what SHOLDIT LifeStylers are saying from around the World...

Now This is Customer Service! Thanks so much, do appreciate it.

- Julie W

I got my order last night and I love them! I brought mine to work with me this morning to show it to my friends. I can't wait to use it on my next trip.

- Joa​ni

Will tell friends about the great customer service as well as the delightful and useful product.

- Christine B

If your best girl is a tween, the SHOLDIT clutch wrap purse is part infinity scarf, part clever purse that can hold her cash, cell phone and lipgloss. It's a nice way to acknowledge her independence while ensuring she's always got her essentials at hand.

- Parade Magazine

I wore one today on my flight to Phoenix and one of the flight attendants asked where I purchased it! She was hoping to buy a few for 2 sisters that live in Chicago. Keeping them warm and no purse to worry about.... doesn't get any better! I love mine.

- Robin H

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of lugging around your heavy bag from place to place and sifting through its contents to locate that pencil or pair of keys. Perfect for students or moms-on-the-go, the SHOLDIT wrap is a lightweight fashionable way to carry your most important go-to items (while keeping you warm if the a/c is blasting). SHOLDIT wrap will also add a bust of color to any outfit.

- Top Ten Trends for 2013, Milieu Magazine

I was blown away over the quality of construction and attention to detail of your product. The materials that you have used are so soft and comforting. I am so totally pleased with your product and can't wait to put them into use. Thank you again for your wonderful customer service that you extended me and the speedy way that you sent the scarves to me. You and your team are fabulous! Best of luck with everything.

- Pamela M

What a GREAT IDEA! My balance is not the greatest and I find that having my hands free and being able to carry my important items in the SHOLDIT product is GREAT!

- Susanna M

Thank you so much! I can't wait to show them off to my tour group.

- Kim N

I LOVE my scarf!!! Everyone should have one!

- Delores K

I got my SHOLDIT scarves today and I'm so happy!
They are wonderful. I was predisposed to like them because I already thought the idea was genius but I was so thrilled to find out that the execution was great too! The quality of the fabric and construction is top notch and the two colors I choose (titanium and peacock) are just beautiful!
All capped off by your wonderful customer service... Thank you!!

- Patricia S

I am a mother of 5 1/2 year old twins and have connections with my local twins club and national twins club and when I posted how much I love my new SHOLDIT scarf….friends were asking more about them.

- Laura L

If you tend to "forget" things such as your cellphone, iPod or passport this infinity scarf can store all those items for you while keeping your neck warm and still looking fabulous! I finally got my first infinity scarf and it was perfect to use when going through TSA just open the zipper, store your ID and your boarding pass, and voila you no longer have to dig through your backpack or over-sized purse for those two items!

- Traveling Latina

Last weekend I traveled back home to Nebraska for the weekend, and of course my SHOLDIT scarf came with me. From the start of my trip in Orlando, to my layover in Atlanta to my arrival in Omaha and back again, everyone noticed my Sholdit and comment about how cool it was! Even the TSA agents and the flight attendants noticed and comment on it. It was SO GREAT to be hands free while I was traveling! Since it was just me and just for the weekend I only did carry on bags and it made things SO much easier! I even had my SHOLDIT wallet with me, so I made a point to show the name :)

- Janet C

I just received my SHOLDIT order and am so pleased with the two scarves that I ordered. 1 for me and 1 as a gift for my daughter who lives in the city. I can't wait to give it to her.The fabric is soft and I love the design. Thank you for making a great and useful product!

- Kelly S

Dear SHOLDIT Team,
Thank you all once again for your amazing product and customer service. I really can't say that enough! I don't think I have ever mailed a Christmas card to a business before so this must truly be love. Thanks again, I can't wait to make everyone in the airport in my travels jealous and dying to get one too. Wishing you all the best in business!

- Allison H.

Thank you Sholdit, You Rock!
I am 9 years old with a severe peanut allergy and need to carry my Epi-Pen on me at all times when away from my house. Sholdit works perfect and looks cool. Now I can run around with my friends without having to carry the Epi-Pen. :) :)

- Thank you- Haley :)


10 Ingenious Gifts For Travelers - 2013 Edition

"Want!" was the universal response from the gals (and many guys) I showed this "clutch wrap purse," a scarf with a hidden zipper pouch for your wallet, keys, phone, etc. SHOLDIT eliminates the need for a handbag and cleverly conceals valuables from potential thieves, all while letting you look good.

- Forbes

Dressing for the performers

A zip pocket is like a luxury hotel when you're traveling. If just one garment you're wearing has one, you can check your ID, credit cards, and phone, then relax and enjoy the rest of the adventure. A mock-proof evolution of the fanny pack, the SHOLDIT scarf adds a layer of style, warmth and secret compartments. Price seems steep at first, but the I picture the cost of a lost passport or wallet and decide this is my favorite travel companion.

- Chicago Tribune

10 travel gifts so good, you'll want them for yourself!

Keep your belongings safe and secure-without a bulky purse or bag-with the SHOLDIT Clutch Wrap purse. The SHOLDIT purse can be worn as an infinity scarf, head cover, or cross-body wrap-and it features a hidden zippered pocket to store your phone, wallet, and keys. You'll have all your stuff within easy reach, but you'll be able to keep your hands free-perfect for airports

- Huffington Post

I LOOOOOVVVVE you guys! I can't wait to tell all my friends who travel. Well actually I will tell them after I give them their SHOLDIT Christmas gift! I am traveling to Morocco this December and this is the answer to my prayers! My husband is Mr.Safety and he LOVES your product and is encouraging me to buy as much as I want! (GASP!) LOVE LOVE LOVE these! I am a small business too so best of luck to you. I am buying now instead of waiting until Cyber Monday because I am afraid you might run out!

- Allison

I am absolutely a fan and purchased three as gifts for friends I will be joining for a trip to Hawaii soon. I have used my SHOLDIT wrap multiple times since purchasing it a couple of weeks ago. I have worn it for a night out at a Jazz club, trips to the store, dance class and tonight, a "meet and greet" event!!! I have introduced friends and Family to this fabulous invention since seeing it in a catalog. It is chic, useful and eases worries about being robbed, tied down to a purse and changing purses to suit outfits and occasions.
Thank you for your innovation and I look forward to other products from your company. A More Than Satisfied Customer.

- Fern J.

I just purchased two of your scarfs and love the black one. The pink one is a xmas gift. I used one when I went on a cruise and it was great. I just popped the whole scarf in the safe when I got into the room and took it out when we went shopping on shore

- Linda D

Got it. Even more awesome than I anticipated. Thanks!

- Amanda T.

You have no idea the extent of my love. Truly my new favorite things.

- Jamie C.

My husband purchased SHOLDIT for me and I LOVE it!!! I found out last week that I have herniated discs in my neck and due to the pain involved, it has become very difficult for me to carry a purse. This product is a life saver! Not only do I look great, I no longer have the pressure of a heavy purse pulling on my neck. I can't wait to show SHOLDIT to my physician and physical therapist!
I am sure that they will share this with all their patients! Thank you again for such a fashionable and much needed product!

- Cheryl D.

I bought two pink and gave one to my friend for her b-day Friday and she used it Friday and Saturday. We love them! Thank You!

- Mary C

I loved my SHOLDIT accessory (worn as a neck wrap) during my recent travel to Baltic countries and northern Europe. What great assurance to keep my passport and wallet close to me and cleverly hidden - while allowing me freedom to shop in large crowds, juggle other luggage and leave my airline seat to stretch my legs. The scarf was stylish from walks around towns to dressy evenings events!

- Kathy B

I absolutely love it!!!!! I wore it today for LSU game day. I now have a bunch of friends who are interested in purchasing them.

- Macy R

Just purchased this and used it on a worked terrific!! Airports are always cold, so this scarf was handy and is... but being able to put some money for snacks, drinks in the zippered pocket was great--going through security, I had my phone, jewelry, glasses and passport in the pocket and sailed through in the bin... so very happy with this product. REALLY made my trip easier. Good place for my boarding pass also!!

- Megan

I'm actually wearing it right now. It's perfect for business trips. As a woman, I travel alone a lot and prefer to have my most valuable things (wallet, phone) right on me. I can sleep on the plane, use the restroom, etc. without concern that someone may grab something from my carryon. It's perfect for me!

- Annie

Your customer service is extraordinary and I sincerely hope your business thrives through such consideration. The scarves I purchased are just as expected and my friends were very happy with these gifts. With much appreciation.

- Diana D

I recently got SHOLDIT [product] as a gift and I think it's perfect! I had been carrying a little wallet in my back pocket for a long time because I hate purses (had one stolen before). Glad to have SHOLDIT! I'm always cold, so I'll probably wear it in the summer too ; )

- Jess H

It is an infinity scarf, it has two roomy pockets plus a cinch toggle and the SHOLDIT site shows ways of wearing it that would never have occurred to me. It gets my vote for one of the best wearable accessories for carry-on / lightweight travel I've seen yet.

- Paula Bag Lass

It's perfect, I still LOVE your product. I've used mine all over the world - most recently during a flight with two 7-hour layovers. It's a life-saver!

- Annie G

Angela, This is a great product! Thank you....on behalf of the Women in the suburbs of Chicago.

- Carole R

Hello, I placed an order this past Sunday and wanted to see when I should expect my purchases. I am leaving the country next week for a few months and wanted to make sure they will be delivered on time. I really don't want to travel without them!

- Megan C

Really love the idea...I wear an insulin pump and am always looking for cool places to stash the thing when I'm out and about

- Karen from Canada

Success! It arrived just as I was walking out the door...Will load it up before I board my plane. Love the platinum gray; thanks again for going 'above and beyond!

- Vicki

I love it. It's so cool...I can't wait to use it when I travel with my dog in a few weeks. I'll need to be as hands free as possible. It'll make a nice pillow on the plane too.

- Stacy B

I bought one for myself and loved it so much that I bought one for my sister-in-law for her birthday. My daughter saw it and loved it so much I bought one for her and at the same time bought myself another. I have bought 4 in the past couple of months!

- Jackie J

I recently took a trip to Florida, and got many compliments on my "scarf." Of course, they were really amazed when they learned it was also a purse!

- customer survey respondent when asked for open feedback

It's super handy and convenient. It allows free mobility without a bulky purse when necessary.

- customer survey respondent when asked for open feedback

Love that you can carry cell phone, wallet and sunglasses without carrying a purse to the ball games!

- customer survey respondent when asked for open feedback

I like the option of having an extra pocket and like how it folds up into a purse which one could use as a travel pillow as well!

- customer survey respondent when asked for open feedback

I've given multiple people the website! When they comment on the cuteness of my scarf, I follow up by showing them the pockets....which always leads to them wanting to know where I got it!!

- customer survey respondent when asked for open feedback

Such an awesome idea and I love the different prints!

- Sammi B

I would like to purchase a gift card for my sister! I love, love, love the Signature/Dawn in the periwinkle.

- Carolyn R

I own one of these, they truly are amazing! I never have to worry about my most important items anymore - cell phone, $$, etc.

- Ella C

Just want to say that I received my "sporty gray" [SHOLDIT Clutch Wrap purse] today---and I love it already! Brilliant idea- can't wait to share this with my friends and family.

- Andrea H

I put SHOLDIT to the test last week when I went to a 3-day conference in San Diego. It came in VERY handy during those walks through the Gaslamp Quarter and the Bayfront, and the ladies I was with envied me for having it!

- Arkansas Regional Editor

Dear SHOLDIT team, Thank you for making my frequent travels a safer and less expensive affair. I love that I can drape the Clutch Wrap by SHOLDIT around my neck or across my body as a fashion accessory while disguising my wallet, airline boarding pass, phone, and lip balm. This helps keep items I would otherwise have in a purse on my arm, now close to my chest. As an added bonus, it saves on costly baggage fees because I am able to take two carryon items instead of having to check bags at the counter. Most airlines charge a minimum of $25 each way for a checked bag. Just using my SHOLDIT Clutch Wrap purse on one trip while traveling paid for it! Of course, I love how stylish it looks as well! Thank you again :)

- Sincerely, Krysten M., Clearwater, FL

I LOVE SHOLDIT and it's my new favorite product! I'm always wearing an infinity scarf, and now having one double up as a "purse" of sorts... I'm over the moon! As a busy working woman and young mom, I'm in always on the hunt for something that's functional, secure, and fashionable. The Sholdit is that product. The quality is great...the pockets are great...everything about it is great. They're really on to something with this one!"

- McKenzie R., Omaha, Nebraska

I first saw this product air on the Today Show a few weeks back and had to order one right away! I was really excited to see a Nebraska Husker one! These are awesome!

- Kayla G., Omaha, Nebraska

I first saw this product air on the Today Show a few weeks back and had to order one right away! I was really excited to see a Nebraska Husker one! These are awesome!

- Kayla G., Omaha, Nebraska

From a boutique in North Carolina
Your lovely, versatile SHOLDIT scarf is the perfect accessory for my Minimalist lifestyle. Being able to have my essentials with me while wearing this contemporary scarf is brilliant. I can't tell you how many people have admired this unique clothing item. My friends, whom I have gifted with your scarf, also love it. Brava for your creativity and successful marketing. Sincerely,

- Karen E

Getting Around the NFL Purse Ban
Luckily there's a clever solution and it's called the SHOLDIT Clutch Wrap purse a fashionable scarf with hidden pockets... perfectly sized to carry a woman's essentials at a game--such as an ID, credit cards, cash, cell phone, chap stick, keys, tickets, feminine products, etc. Not only will this solve the handbag-ban dilemma this football season, it will also keep you warm on chilly game days!

- Marvelous Girl

I loved using my Clutch Wrap™ purse at the most recent Charger game! The gold is a perfect color. Love too that once it gets warm, I can fold it up into a clutch and still carry the essentials

- Sisanie KISS-FM

The National Media on SHOLDIT
I've always made a travel belt the number one piece of gear any woman needs when she travels - until I acquired SHOLDIT. It's now bumped the travel belt for the top spot and I wouldn't dream of leaving home without it. In fact I'm going to try to get my hands on several different models - summer, prints, different fabrics...
So listen up, ladies: if you plan to be walking around during your travels, this light, stylish item will erase any safety worries you might have concerning your money and papers. Just throw one of these on and walk off - no one will be the wiser.

- Leyla Giray, Publisher, Women on the Road

Women can carry their valuables without tipping off would-be pick pockets.

- USA Today

That's smart! That is REALLY smart!

- Hoda, TODAY Show

What a great idea! It doesn't look like there's stuff in the SHOLDIT [Clutch Wrap purse]!

- Kathie Lee, TODAY Show

This is insanely cool!!

- Jenn Falik, Lifestyle Expert

I love SHOLDIT [Clutch Wrap purse] because it keeps your hands free making it easy to do anything with ease. I own a few oversized totes, but SHOLDIT pulls through when my back and neck need a break!

- Sisanie, LA's 102.7 KIIS FM

A convenient alternative to toting around a handbag. Ridiculously fashion-forward and multi-functional!


An outside of the box gift! Your friend will love you for this [gift]

- Better Connecticut TV Show

I haven't been a fan of the hands-free bag offerings up until now.

- NBC's Style Goes Strong

It looks like a regular scarf, but it's actually replacing my purse today! This is a great idea.


Scarves are my go-to accessory for making my mom uniform (a t-shirt) look cute quickly, while giving me a little style, and the fact that I can store my phone and keys without stuffing my pockets like a plumber, makes me so uber happy

- Star Telegram

Scarves with pockets. Genius. Now you can tote your phone, your iPod, or maybe even a small dog


Perfectly sized to safely and discreetly carry a woman's top essentials such as credit cards, keys, cash, and a cell phone

- CW Network's KTLA

I've been traveling or out tailgating and wish I had somewhere to put my wallet and phone without carrying a purse! This is exactly what I have been needing. It can be worn in so many ways that it is sure to go with anything I wear

- Her View From Home

I love fun essential pieces that should be in every woman's closet.... Right before I left earlier this year to style a clothing line's participation within Charleston Fashion Week (as Co-Founder/Creative Director of Shoe Week, we styled Expatriate's runway show), I received the SHOLDIT Clutch Wrap purse which is a game changer when it comes to scarves!

- Kitten Lounge

Yes, Even The Men Love SHOLDIT
This uniquely designed clutch has the ability to transform into a multi-functional wrap that features multiple hidden pockets perfect for storing a woman's essentials. Get this for your lady and you'll soon realize its value when you never hear, "babe, hold my purse" again

- Thrillist

No matter how much a guy likes a girl, he doesn't want to carry her purse. He also doesn't want to carry all her junk if she decides not to bring a purse. The stylish SHOLDIT scarf [purse] has a zippered compartment that can hold her lipstick, license, phone and other things she may need.

- Huffington Post

SHOLDIT Clutch Wrap is the first-ever [infinity] scarf with hidden pockets to hold a woman's essentials--such as her credit cards, cash, cell phone, and lip gloss for those times she doesn't feel like carrying a purse. No purse [to carry] for her = no Mursing [aka man carrying her purse] for you. Problem solved.

- Fast Lane Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

The world's one and only patent-pending Clutch Wrap purse...super cool!

- The Ryan Seacrest Morning Show