7 Experience Gifts They Will Never Forget

7 Experience Gifts They Will Never Forget

Time is running short to finish the Christmas shopping rush. But don't worry, the best and most meaningful gifts are the moments that are sealed in our memories and shape our lives in ways that we never forget. So take your time, and gift from the heart. If you need a little extra guidance, check out our list of 7 Experience Gifts that they (and you) will always remember! <3

  1. A Family Night on the Town

These days we spend more time with our phones than we do with our own families. Create a special night together with just the family. This time of year, it's always best to call ahead to make reservations or book tickets. Plan dinner at your kid's favorite restaurant and then a horse-drawn carriage with hot chocolate afterward to look at the lights. It's bound to be a magical  experience you all will treasure and perhaps even make into a tradition! Just remember, leave your phone in your pocket except to snap those family photos. Post it later and Be Present.

  1. The Amazing Race

Perhaps your family spends too much time indoors or maybe you’ve all been dying to run that marathon together. Either way, getting outside together is a great way to spend time as a family. If it’s not too late, sign up for a run or even a walk if that's more your pace! Put each person's entrance pass in the pocket of a Neck Gaiter or scarf for a fun surprise. Get them all to match for a team-experience, or chose one in their favorite color. Make the choice to make it fun, no matter what the weather may bring. 

  1. The Local Tour

Support local and stuff their pockets with Gift Cards or Memberships from everyone's favorite local spots. Depending on ages; choose from a wide variety of establishments like candy shops, breweries, wineries, bistros, or activity spots like a museum, the zoo, an escape room, or local attractions or exhibits.  Hit a different spot together each weekend and you’ll have the Christmas gift of experiences that will last for weeks or even all year!

  1. Weekend Getaway

Whether you live in a thriving metropolis and want a quiet weekend to wind down in the country or you live in a quiet neighborhood and want to liven things up, pick a destination that fits the budget and create an itinerary. Pick one experience special to each person in your family and gift the schedule or tickets in the pocket of their scarf or gaiter to open and share with the family. Certain to warm the heart and earn a group hug; add a special note as to why you picked this experience for each person and how much he or she means to the family.  You will all be ready to hit the road in style and united as a family for a fun-filled weekend you will never forget!


  1. Sail Away

Perhaps you're lucky enough to live by or be headed to the beach for the holidays or into the new year. If so, gift all the ladies one of our four stylish colors of the Convertible Sarong with Pocket. If your destination is a surprise; stash the plane tickets or all-inclusive details in the zip pocket for them to find or stash some extra spending cash for when you get there.  For the rest of us, we'll cheers a cup of egg nog to you while we play Mele Kalikimaka and stare out our frosted windows envisioning our own island paradise. It can be done. 

  1. A Christmas Promise

Perhaps your family is large with kids bouncing everywhere, maybe you're in the quiet moments of an empty nest, or perhaps it's just you and your significant other. No matter what stage you're in, make a special Christmas Promise to your significant other. Write a heartfelt note about everything you appreciate in your partner and then reflect on one thing that you intend to work on to make your relationship even better, or even some good old fashioned homemade coupons for some special moments for just the two of you. Stash it in one of our clever hidden pockets and if it's something you think will strike them emotionally, stick in a pack of tissues and any other small token that shows your love and will make them smile. Just make sure you follow through on your Christmas Promise! We don't offer an exchange policy on that one. 

  1. Personal Getaway

Is it just you and your fur babies or perhaps absolutely nothing is tying you down this holiday season? No matter what your situation, get some personal me-time in. Maybe it's traveling across the globe (in which you can board your furry loved ones for some pampering of their own) or something as simple as giving yourself the time to browse a boutique you've always wanted to check out or sit at your favorite book store for hours. Whatever it is, just let yourself go. Personal time is essential for a little renew and refresh, especially this time of year!


However you choose to spend your money and your time this Holiday Season, make it count and remember that being present is the best present!

Happy Holidays LifeSTYLERs!

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